Update About Curation Projec @madeinweku

8 months ago

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Dear community, from today @madeinweku make an important change in curation, which will remain until we consider this to be relevant.

Curation Parameters

* First weku:

Fresh content, posted first on weku. The waiting time to cross the same content on other networks is reduced to:

4 hours

* Originality and quality:

Understanding quality as effort and passion involved in the development of its content, proper use of tags, proper reference of images either yours or the web. We do not select content that shows the low effort, content with copy and paste, inappropriate use of images, much less plagiarism.


@madeinweku will give priority to the content that fits these parameters in tag #madeinweku and they will get our highest percentage of vote.

If after attending these posts, @madeinweku still have voting power available, will use it to give some love to high quality content in other tags.

Attention: Do not use madeiweku tag for content that does not fit with first weku. Who abuse by misuse of tag, will be included in our blacklist.




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Always good work by the @madeinweku team!!


thank you!

yes, I totally agree, the first and original content will be better.

Hello dear friends @madeinweku, you appreciate the enormous effort you make every day to provide support and highlight the work well done.
Congratulations to the whole team


thank you dear jlufer

I like to keep all my posts on Weku, solely for Weku. I rarely will ever cross post.

GREAT to see continued support for the platform and original content.

Your support means a lot to me. Thank you very much.