Sail off the Wind (first posted to my blog on Steemit)

2 months ago

Like the character of Morgan Freeman in that 1994 movie, Shawshank Redemption (Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding was his name), some of us had forgotten to live, had forgotten to work, and had given up hope. (We have changed so much—some of us—that we do not know how to go back; we had lost our memory of the path.)

Unlike in Marley’s “Redemption Song,” the so called oppressed became tyrants and forgot God. Even The man of God himself spoke nonsense from its comfortable chair in the Vatican, blood blind, suffering blind, lie blind, and he went visiting countries and spreading his incongruencies.

Unlike in John Lennon’s Communist manifesto, imaginations became real, and leaders and the masses proved themselves inept for utopias, like we could ever “Imagine” that would turn out different. Who can still believe in utopias? Certainly not the ones who promise them to us fools.

More like the sensible fisherman, we shall come ashore to find out the chain was always broken, and that it was just dead weight which kept us adrift.

Time to build a brand new ship;

we have the wood, we have the tools,

and our hands.

Then, time to sail off the wind.
With wind and tide, sail off.

Thanks for reading.

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