DAY OF THE SAINT, Part III (History) | By @nachomolina

3 months ago

mad season


It took some time since the last time;

_ "Where I rest my head is my home", it repeats like an echo,
_ "Wanderer nomad, wandering globetrotter", once and again,

Until I empty my mind, until I feel truly isolated …

This became my way of life;
a poem, a song,
a piece of paper waiting to be marked
by the footprint of a dreamer ...

At first somewhat out of tune;

Who could like that song born in the middle of the dark night between whispers...

I never thought of receiving visitors meeting in that state,
but again its essence spread in every corner,
inspiration took my hand and so in the middle of the night
I had to receive The Saint of my hospice...

We start in alcohol, smoke the same,
enjoy a soft melody,
we wrote some texts,

We draw a dead rose…

So it happened, that's how we got to the edge of the bed;

_ “I don’t have to do it”, I told myself,

While I put my face on the breast and broke its fragility.

Again that tongue burning my neck,
and pride slid to the floor,
the skins rubbed until the flame ignited;

_ “I don’t have to do it”, I told myself,

while I was accompanying the movements and only her gaze kept me stable.

Suddenly I found myself submerged
at the bottom of a corridor
spilling the cup on the purple tablecloth,
almost suffocated, with a thousand eyes piercing the walls that surround me...

About to be blind with its light,
I had to try the obscene snack and take
for me to La Saint with her pupils of fire

Just like that, I could sing my guitar and make sense of that song born in the middle of the dark night between whispers…




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wow eres genial nachito.


Gracias por tu visita @wendyhurtado!
Cuando tu vienes por aquí iluminas
mi blog con tu buena vibra...
Seguiremos dando lo mejor,
@nachomolina PRESENTE!


que linda escritura,
eres muy talentoso,


Hey @dulce!
Es un gusto verte por aquí!
Gracias por tu apoyo
y amable comentario...

Thanks for bringing quality contents in weku



Thanks @supportweku-io!
your are very kind...