Earn REV, easy way to mining.

8 months ago

Below is boring code i just made and it is running in my servers

I could bored you with the technical details, and how it will act as an SMT, it is blockchain independant, and its many other advantages, but experience tells me you don't care.

But what that code means?

It means that you can earn REV in the most simple way, just voting @geeks posts and my own posts.

The robot scans all votes made in geeks posts and mine and calculates the payout, then it distributes the earnt amount in REV.pu

Each time you vote @geeks or @nnnarvaez main posts, you are earning the equivalent of your vote in REV

But wait you speak of REV and REV.pu is there a difference ?

Yes REV is the liquid coin that you can freely buy or sell and it is valued always as 1 USD
REV.pu is the Powered UP version of REV, it has the same value, however it is frozen for some time until you can make it liquid.

Why you have REV.pu

Well as i develop more services and move them to real blockchains eventually the only way to access those services will be to have some REV powered up.

Today you can think of an airdrop or an easy way to mine REVEUR, tomorrow you will be happy to have REVEUR because it will allow you to use my bots, my services, to keep earning REV or to earn more.

Let's see how this works.

All REVEUR will always be valued 1 US Dollar

It will always be backed by me and you will always be able to sell it for at least 1 dollar.

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I did everything and voted @geeks content as well..!!

Now my friend @nnnarvaez I have my bitshares account, but I have problems to do my transfer to @rev-bank I’m trying to transfer all my WD but when I summit, my keys don’t work and I use all of them but nothing happened, it was an error.

How can I fix that or is there another method to transfer..?

I wish to be a developer.. Gush..!! I’m I little frustrated with my wallet..!! Let me know what can I do my friend..!!

Also promote my content as well my friend lol..!!


You have several keys.

The master password is one that starts with P5, that one is the key to all keys.

then in your wallet page you have the POSTING and ACTIVE keys (the private ones start with 5)

For wallet operations such as transfers you need to use the Private Active Key

To show this key from your wallet you need to click the login to show button in your wallet and log in with the master or the active key


I will try it again today, I let you how it works..!! Thanks a lot my friend.


I tried it many times but it doesnt work for me, my key doesnt work in login to show section..

How to get a new one? do you know if exist any way to recover a new one?


do you have a key starting with P5 ?


I have, but it doesn’t work. It appears as wrong key. Is there another way..?

Sorry I don't really get this.. Is REV a coin to sign up for before one can earn? Or will it just be stored in a part of the weku wallet when earned? I'm zero techy, please enlighten me, or you can just share a link and I'll read up. Thank you.


Never mind, i read other posts on your blog about it. I totally understand now.


hehe :)

i sended some coins from to rev-bank but still not came in my weku account...