Fotito de mierda # 23

9 months ago

Desde el Jardín

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-19 at 5.21.54 PM.jpeg

Publica una foto de mierda tomada con tu teléfono, con el título: Fotito de mierda # X y usa el tag: todayshittypicture

Una vez hecho, coloca el enlace en un comentario aqui y lo votaré.

Mientras más de mierda sea la foto, más alto el voto que te dare.

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Pues esta fotico no es para nada mierder, ¿eh?


Lo importante de la shittypicture es que sea original, que la tomes tu...

I just read your original #todayshittypicture post, would have been so much fun for me but i missed when everyone was doing it. I love the tag though, so i guess I can start my own trend with it 😅

I've missed weku. My heart was broken when i realized almost immediately i joined that it's leadership was messed up, I'd been through that before with steem, didn't want to again.. but this tag is fun, so maybe I'll just look to have fun until whenever i don't find weku again, or it gets fixed and i can now get my shit together and develop great posts.

By the way, I've found it impossible to login my weku account normally.. i have to search on Google by any post title of mine, then when i open the post, i find I'm logged in, or i can sign in. Don't know if it's a bug or something to worry about.

Sorry i came blogging on your blog, maybe i should have made a #todayshittypicture post and told my story there


You are welcome to blog or vent of have fun in my blog, that is part of blogging!

I don't know about your login problem, i usually use:


Ok, this helps. Thank you, for the invitation too 😇

how can we convert weku to sbd


you cant


how can we withdraw weku coins?


there is a service that is broken

when it works you send your coins to bts-exchange putting your bitshares username as memo and they credit wekucoin on your bitshares account, then you put a sell order in the market and you get bts that can be then used to buy steem, btc, or others.