Picture tagging

8 months ago


I had lots of fun coding this bot, and i am hoping to have proper engagement from the community.

@geeks will be posting a huge selection of my own pictures and you are expected to identify what is in the picture.

  • Please do not put senseless stuff... you don't need to put 1 million things, just what you can properly identify in the picture.

  • If the picture is mostly green because of the grass or mostly blue from the sky then use the color, please don't list every single color in the picture.

  • Avoid misidentification; if you only discern a foot in a picture then just tag the foot, if you are not sure, refrain.

  • All pictures have at least a main thing and secondaries, have fun with that.

  • There is no minimum tag amount required.

  • If you need more than 10 tags, make another comment.

  • Over time i will migrate it to steemit and hive so you get real decent rewards.

It is a engagement game!

  • If you are the first, you get a 100% vote, if you arrive second just a 10%
    (the vote might take some time to arrive, but if burns has voted, the heavy vote comes behind)
  • If you use wrong tags i will remove the vote, it consumes time from me to remove wrong tags so please avoid it.
  • Do not try to cheat, just have fun.

DO NOT USE Community tags !!!

Now, go to

@geeks blog and start tagging the hell out of it!

The more the merrier.

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I made one post and tried to analyze the appropriate image, and wrote the matching tag as you said, and pasted it on the @geeks account, but I'm not sure if that is true.


i am lost... send me a link to see what you mean


yes, this is the link that I mean, I analyzed the image that I shared according to the situation tag in the image, is that correct?



You properly used tags in your post!