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8 months ago

A new game like feature for minnows to earn weku (soon steem and or hive)

Tell us what you see in the picture!


Go to @geeks blog, and comment using tag format things you see in the pictures.

Like this...


If you are the first to add tags to the post, you will get a 100% vote from me.
If you are not the first but add tags or confirm the tags already there you will get a 10% vote from me.

Posts will appear several times a day.

  • You can tag in english or spanish (use the #)

Note: please do not cheat, i will be manually checking and will heavily downvote fake tags.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Está interesante la mecánica


Ponte a jugar entonces jejeje!


Yes, but instead of community tags you should tag what the picture is about.

#indonesia food madeinweku story whitelist community #coffee
#cock #nature #grass #green #bird #chicken

it is also nature, shadow, sunny, daylight...

This will help classify them and then i will make a webpage where those images can be searched and used freely just giving credits.

Or a bot that you can summon in a comment and will reply with the appropriate images...

Or both... haven't decided yet.


yes, i will try for my next post.

Oh this will be fun.. On it.