Remember REV-BANK ? The gateway that did not fail

8 months ago

Well now it has changed a little.

Now you can send your WEKU to @rev-bank, with your Bitshares account as memo and we will credit you REVEUR in bitshares.

This is the first step in a myriad of things we are planning.

  • Fully functional, does not break every few days like others.
  • You can start accumulating REVEUR to be eligible for the upcoming services.
  • You can save in REVEUR as its price is floated to the US dollar (because is not a shit coin)
  • You can sell you REVEUR in the market if you want liquidity

How it works ?

It calculates at the moment of your operation the current price and does a conversion using the best rate.

It does not have the known weaknesses of the current gateway, and you don't have to wait forever to see if it works.

Feel free to try it

Currently the exchange rate from weku to REVEUR is the same as WEKU to USD, around 7000 Weku per dollar.

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Oke. Thanks

Hello my friend @nnnarvaez it looks so amazing, I tried to sign me up in a bitshares account but I’m not sure where, if you have a link to do it easier for me I will appreciate your help.

I’m so excited to transfer you all my WD to change it for REVEUR.

Thanks a lot for your help


You can create your free bitshares account in this site:

And to use the exchange i prefer to use native bitshares interface here:


Hello my friend. Now I have my bitshares account, and I did everything very well, but when I have to do my transaction all my keys dont work, how can you help me to complete my transfer...?


Wonderful, I will do it tomorrow for sure. That’s amazing. Thanks a lot my friend

Great... You are very good. Helping us to sell WeKu to REV. Is there a tutorial on how to sell Weku to Rev? Please give an explanation.


Three easy steps:

Go to your weku wallet:

  1. Fill the TO field with rev-bank
  2. Enter the amount you want to exchange
  3. in the MEMO field, write your bitshares account

Press the SUBMIT Button.

I will make later on today a bot where you can ask for the exchange rate based in the amount of weku you want to sell.