The problem is not weku

9 months ago

This video speaks the truth.

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The problem is not with WEKU, the problem is with the idiosyncrasy of the people running it, can you tell the 6 main similarities between WEKU and the way the Chinese government handled the corona virus crisis in a comment?

I will transfer 10.000 weku to the best comment as well as vote all participants.

I do not expect a half ass comment, i expect a good analisys...

Once selected the winner, i will transfer 2000 WEKU + vote to any translation to other languages.

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Each participant has his own interests - politicians hide real circumstances and preserve their “face”, solving a bunch of problems besides those raised in the video, a journalist inflate a scandal under the claim of revealing the truth, expressing their opinion, even very true, everyone in this story seeks preferences based on facts in their interpretation and it all ends within the boundaries of the field of social networks. China in this story has shown high organization and real leadership in the current situation, this is a fact. Facts have shown the helplessness of most developed countries. Success in the development of the economy gives rise to envy, people remain people. Idiots remain idiots even if they are endowed with power or money, but they will be envied more, that’s the whole difference.


Well China tried to contain and silence the whistleblowers at the beginning of the pandemia.

They also refused to share information initially.

Used the power of the state by means of fear and confined its population.

There are also two interesting facts about Wuham region.

  1. It is home to the biggest telescope in the world.

  2. It is home to Biowarfare laboratories.

The first fact i don't think has nothing to do, the second one seems like a dangerous coincidence.

I have never tried Bat soup, I love Bats too much to eat them...

What i see from the handling of leftist states of the crises is lies and more lies, inefficiency and a constant effort to hide the sun with one finger.

Here in Spain a scientific study (paid by the government) claims Corona Virus entered Spain on february the 14th.

However the first documented by autopsy death by CoronaVirus, happened on february the 13th in the community of Valencia.

Here they also try to hide their efficacy and their mismanagement of the crisis with blunt lies, and trying to silence those giving facts and options (Please note that the spanish VP is a Communist.)

Another fact is that the only country benefiting right now from CoVid19 is china via exporting overprices defective tests and overpriced defective chirurgical masks.

Hell i think i just won my 10K price...

I can't analyze things very well, but when something is related to China, it's very interesting.

Many things they cover up the covd-19 problem, I suspect this virus is deliberately created with the aim of damaging the global economy.

  • China is one of the strongest economies in the world, allowing every means to be a leader in any field.

  • Price monopolies are their mainstay characteristics to suppress certain characters.

  • Their flagship trade war to suppress prices.

  • the ability they have is enough to create strong competitiveness.

  • crafty competitiveness, but they are able to change many things.

  • Anyone they consider a barrier will be removed, with a variety of propaganda.

And also the virus had spread before the healing vaccine was discovered. they deliberately because they want to become a super power country.

That's a little analysis from me, thanks


Hehehe yes indeed, but how is this similar to weku ?


Maybe what makes this all have a connection between the two ... hehehe