2 years ago

The Bearshares founder could be using a hacking exploit to gain your WeKu and Steemit keys! Beware! Do not log into that website. He has seized all of my accounts through password recovery since he started with all the owner passwords, he can seize any account on BearShares at any time, none of your accounts will ever be safe from his seizure.

He runs all of the witnesses and can fork it back at any time. He is currently gaining 10% of the reward pool for himself through witnesses along with already owning 99.95% of tokens. Besides those of which he sold to unknowing buyers at an inflated price. He's valuing this broken hideous platform currently at 50 million dollars. He planned on centralization and total control from the beginning. Insisting on putting all domains and servers in his own name though we were supposed to be equal partners. This man is a maniac. He has broken every one of his promises to me on this project for the last 2 months. He has no moral character, telling other grown men often to suck his dick. He is a liar and a thief. Even in his introduction post he admits to having zero friends. His Steemit account was hacked by people after he was cursing at women on Steemit Chat.


His WeKu account was banned after running a scammy vote bot. Nowhere in society is this man's behavior accepted. I took Bilal in as a friend for the last 2 years out of compassion for him because he had no other friends. I gave him business opportunities and made him admin of my Ethereum facebook group with 132,000 members. He got in fights so often with all the other admins that I had to re-add him to moderator role and Ethereum admin chat at least 5 times.

This is the scammer, thief and liar Bilal Haider Qureshi, evil programmer for BearShares (what he wanted to name BeryCoin until I corrected his stupidity.) The name was my idea, so were community curators even though he claims the idea for his own. He's used me for all my information and now stolen all of my rewards and accounts.. I got a warning just now that my account will be transferred over in 30 days. Good bye, BearShares. Enjoy your mentally insane dictator leader on his self proclaimed platform of freedom. lols.

At least 3 times he told me half the the tokens belong to me. And even after he stole my half of the project and removed me from discord he announced I am allowed to keep the @noganoo account, then an hour later he stole that too.

If Bilal gets upset, you will lose your account, and BILAL IS ALWAYS UPSET!

Good prediction in your statement the other day about you becoming a greedy thief, Bilal.

I tried to post this on BearShares but was censored.

Is a man who got his Steemit account hacked by amateurs worthy of holding all the tokens on a platform, or of running all the witnesses? Bilal has not been practicing any security precautions, in addition to sending owner keys over unprotected discord chats, Bilal himself is actually the largest security risk with his violent manic-bipolar personality.

The reason he is not opening up signups to the public is because he is unable to figure out how to implement the signup site. Not because he wants to keep it private. He uses cli wallet to manually make each account. He's a joke.

He also changed all my comments on bearshares which exposed his fraud.

Here he stole the last of my tokens out of my @noganoo account. You can see he also seized my @bank account with half of the platforms tokens on it.

My co-founder share of 250,000,000 tokens was looted by this petty thief.

Fake domain info for BearShares deceiving people into thinking it's an American based operation, when none of the servers and the domain were under my control. Bilal is in Islamabad, Pakistan. There is no guarantee this guy will not exit scam or that he is not funding terrorism with BearShares proceeds.

Registrant Name: Bilal Haider
Registrant Street: 3338 Quiet Valley Lane Northridge, CA
Registrant City: Northridge
Registrant State/Province: California
Registrant Postal Code: 91324
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.5803827802
Registrant Email: berycoin@gmail.com

I own BearShares.net and some other domains and will redirect them to this post.

Here is some of the comments below which he downvoted into invisibility.

Less than a month ago he was clicking ads on his apps on Google Play to earn a dollar. A petty thief.

Not long ago he failed to hack the WeKu website. Using a Cloud server to DDOS WeKu with packets but failing to cause any terror.


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I regret that you have gone through this and the greatest betrayal is being scammed by a friend.

I hope you can recover your strength. Happy day.


Bilal Haider is a woman abuser and a self admitted terrorist who is involved in political assassinations in Pakistan. I did not "take" anything. The little money I received was sent to me by Bilal after he was forced to pay me my portion after community revolt. He is an extremist Islamic terrorist who lies to further his religious goals as is encouraged by his extremist belief. Here is the account he uses to transfer the money.



He says I was "planning to scam against his investors" but has provided no evidence of this. I worked on this project since the beginning and put my heart into it then he stole everything from me out of greed. This man is a hot tempered greedy fool and tyrant with no morals.


@carlagonz I never scammed anyone in my life, and don't plan to ..
I stopped him, just because he was planning scam against my investors and members.
you can check his account, he took 50% of sales. and spent the money ...
He himself is a scammer, that's why i kicked him out of my project,

this sucks.. I was hoping bearshares was better than this!

Thanks for sharing with us this information. By sharing this information you saved us from the cheater.... Thanks a lot....

Almost went to sign up yesterday to that site... have you informed the authorities with any evidence you may have collected... If so.. hope you get the system back, or some compensatio for whats occurred.


He thinks he's untouchable by the law because he is in Islamabad Pakistan. He told me this. I'm gonna be fine.. I have many other businesses lines up. :)


He sounds deluded 🙂 No one is safe from the law, regardless of what country..
Goodluck with your new businesses

I’m happy to hear that WEKU is protected

I thought @noganoo was a friend, and i trusted him when no one else was, everyone on steemit was declaring him a scammer, but still i trusted him.. alas!! he only stays with you, when you are constantly feeding him with money.. as soon as you stop paying him money. Bitch starts barking at you ..
I started working on berycoin project 1 year ago, and berymedia details on my @bilal-haider steemit account,
I am a youtuber, programmer, forex trader, from past 8 years I am on facebook and on youtube (you can search my name), no one claimed even once, That i scammed anyone..
I gave this guy, 1,100,000 SP to handle, give out bonuses to bearshares.com new members, He started abusing the bonus, he invited his close friends, and powered them up, very high without asking me about it.. I stopped him multiple times, he won't listen..
We generated some sales, i asked him, to use only 5% of the sales funds for project expenses, he kept on asking for 50% of the sales, when i said it is a scam, he started shouting at me.. i said on take 50% of the money, but don't spend it, our project is new, and we should not just spend everything we generat from sales. we should protect our investors.. but he said no.. you can check his noganoo account. he broke the rule. and spend 300$ of our investor's money .. which is a theft
I hold strong, I protect my investors, and their funds. that's why he is no longer a part of my team, I have seized all of his, ill accounts, where he was holding tokens, which he could have used for his ill purposes, he has history of maligning respectable people..
If you think, you should support noganoo.. you are free to do so.. and we have no place for people who become cancer for the system..

Thank you very much for listening, we have strong spam protection against spammers, and abusers. because we value our investors and members. We believe in freedom, but we don't tolerate abuse ..
We are giving away free sign ups, and 50 SP bonus, you are welcome to join bearshares
This is me, I only earn income that is legal. and support everyone who wants to join me.
I am clear by heart and by mind


Bilal believes he is untouchable by police and that Pakistan has no laws, he told me his friends are gun sellers and terrorists who kill politicians. Knowing his identity doesn't mean he won't scam you. He says he "trusted me when nobody else did." What about my massive team of admins that have helped me run my Facebook group for the last 4 years? This man is a compulsive liar and a malicious hacker. He has DDOS'd multiple websites just because someone angered him.


lols :D terrorists and gun sellers :p Thanks for promoting my project :D I am getting more members like crazy..


if you say you're getting new member like crazy. Because I have 2 weeks trying to subscribe and this always appears to me.



For what? We cant managed our account because you create our account and then you will change our password then! You are very selfish!

This is very good information. Friends How can we secure our account? And what's the solution?


I'm not sure, from the beginning he told me he wants to be able to take accounts back at any time so nobody can "betray" him.

Thanks for helping us to save our accounts

Great post thanks for sharing

Thanks for information brother,,

Sorry noganoo

What are the chances of him implementing maliciousus code and strealing keys to other chains from visitors?


This is what me and some friends have been discussing.. for those who input wrong passwords for other platforms..


It's simpler than that. One simply embeds malicious java script onto the pages which steals keys stored in the browser. Many steemit users were compromised in this way until they implemented measures to prevent the insertion of JS etc. on steemit... this was carried over to WEKU

But where a bad actor owns the site anything goes.

This could be how keys have been obtained already, and this applies to any key stored in the browser, WEKU and STEEM included.


Is that really possible @gavvet? If it is, surely thousands of people's accounts would be compromised because it could be coded into any website?


Exactly why you shouldn't surf the web on the same device you use for steemit or weku etc, most web site owners are not malicious and not expecting to have visitors with crypto keys in their browsers... but visiting dodgy ones is a recipe for disaster.

👆 😂

I thought you both are good friends look like things changed .

Is that true ? Does he don't know how to create sign-up process ?

Thanks for sharing this to public

thanks for share

Tnak for information

Y yo haciendo post y esperando fichas. Madre mia

Thanks for the warning. Greetings.


thanks a lot and great information sharing us.

I really liked the project bearshares where only real people live and there are no bots. It will be very bad if this project closes.

The Bearshares founder could be using a hacking exploit to gain your WeKu and Steemit keys!

Has anyone already suffered? I want to hear the views of the victims.

Not long ago he failed to hack the WeKu website. Using a Cloud server to DDOS WeKu with packets but failing to cause any terror.

Do you have proof? It is interesting.

The reason he is not opening up signups to the public is because he is unable to figure out how to implement the signup site.

I think this was due to the fact that he simply did not want bots to appear on the site.

I didn't notice anything criminal on discord screenshots.


I have proof of the DDOS, I have suffered, and some friends accounts were seized also. And this is only the beginning. I also have proof of his lack of ability to create signup form. He who judges before hearing a matter is a fool. You liked the idea of no bots there? Well Bilal was the first one to open up a bot voting service here on WeKu, what a hypocrite huh?

Is there not a way to regain your tokens? You lost a lot.

And @kimi curator of zealpro is promoting bearshare


Yes, because I gave her a lot of Bears to start with. She has a lot of stake in the platform.

Friend, thank you for sharing the information, so others will not fall for that, greetings!

Now i m stay away from bearshare . tnx @noganoo

A bit late to reply but never too late to leak! This guy deserve some attention from all leakers!

Hope you are fine now and recoverd from those issues!

Nice content.

This is very unfortunate but I just have to remind myself that with every greedy bad actor we have even more good ones to make up for it.

Well, that's too bad, but you did the right thing by making this information available publicly. I always got a bit of an odd feeling about his intentions with the project. Sorry you spent your time and energy and ended up getting exploited. On to better and bigger things!

This is very good information. But how can we save the money you eat? And how can we secure your account? There is no solution for this. This is very sad thing. It's a member of the BearShare called. Who is doing such acts. I have opened the account. But I guess. He can also hack my account.


It's the founder who did it. He can take anyone accounts.. and he will. He is a ticking time bomb.


Sir, then we can not do anything. We give it a long-term hope. It will explode in the form of a bomb.
thanks for telling


Can you give me the link of bearshares?


bearshares.com :)

A very disgusting act, bilal only for the sake of greed alone he was willing to lick his own saliva. this is a very deviant job. Thank you @noganoo for reminding us of who Bilal really is.

You know my opinion to this story, I was there and I left because of this issue. This is not how to handle the platform professionally. I don’t see any future there, sorry...maybe it’s good for all of us (and also for you) not to waste our time any longer.

The saddest and most regrettable thing is that humble, good-hearted people with dreams are working every day to make BEARSHARES succeed, with new projects and a positive energy to make that dream come true.

It is unfortunate to know that this kind of thing can happen, playing with time and the work of others has no forgiveness from God.

We must be honest people with a good heart, who always show the same face, be honest, if this kind of thing happens in communities where thousands of people invest their time, talent and desire to work, at some point they will stop believing in what the leaders promise.

The change is in each of us that a single man is not the future of a community, the future of a platform are all its users, from the smallest fish to the largest whale.

Let's be smarter when following a leader and be clear about the rules of the game. @noganoo

I appreciate people that are in the know that let people like myself in on these scams.
For someone just wanting to chug along and try their best to use the system for what it was initially designed to do, the moneygrabbers bring a sour taste to me and Im sure MANY others.
Are you able to recover the stolen items somehow? Is there a security dept on steemit or Weku that deals with this sort of crime?

Haha! So this is what I'm waiting for! 😁 Lol! 🤣🤣🤣

I just heard the name of this BEARSHARES few days ago.I was thinking to join that platform.But now i am a bit confused ,what will i do?Let's see what happens.

All of this just days after I got my account.... Not sure who is going to invest capital into his project at this point, guess we will have to wait and see.


Screenshot_2018-11-03  bilalhaider.png

Caveat Emptor!

That's terrible! Hopefully this guy will get what He really deserves. A long vacation in prison.

money corrupts people no matter how humble they may be, from the beginning it was seen that bilal is a greedy man who has just done it, removes the reputation of the platform, falls considerably and loses confidence in future investors.


I wish everything was okay and it would stop I want everyone to be friends again


You are one of the typical users who do not take advice.

Thank you for exposing such a scammer, to be honest and frank, when I heard of bearshares a week before and wanted to sign up, it asked me to contact that Bilal Haider to open up an account, and its smelled something fishy so I thought of not going for it. My sixth sense clicked rightly and here I got a proof in your post. Hats off to you for exposing that asshole, indeed!

I wish them good luck and lots of success.
Stay strong. It will be fine.

Sending you some sunshine:)

Thanks for the warning from this cheater.

As soon as mentioned the name Bilal Haider, I remember when this guy blew up on Steemit. He apparently went on to the discord channel a year ago and was abusive to everyone. I never got into it, but I did unfollow - crazy is as crazy do!


Nice flag bilal haider, I said I stayed out of it then and I am staying fairly clear of it now, but the facts are the facts. Your flag of this comment just reminds me of an old country song line: God is Great, Beer is Good and People ARE CRAZY!

Thanks for great information! I am not send my steem to buy bearshares account yet! Thank you!

Must have a very objective and tangible reason, to eliminate my comment! Which shows my opinion on how delicate it is to play with the time of others and from my point of view, my comment does not hurt anyone, but vo that to you yes.

This is abuse of power. @pro