Weku Rulebook - Playing by the Rules - Proper Behaviour and Etiquette on Weku

2 years ago


Officially, there are no rules in Weku. Why?

Because in true dencetralization, it is up to the users to create an ecosystem that is fair and that benefits everyone with the purpose of helping the community thrive.

So the rules are a concensus, and the below information only serves as a suggested guide of best practices so that we can have a prosperous experience here on Weku. All suggestions that differ are welcome. The conversation is ongoing and all opinions matter.


The first rule of posting is to only publish quality, original content. The content you provide should be unique, written by you - and never taken directly from the internet or elsewhere.


Remember, there are teams of people here at Weku working around the clock to eliminate plagiarism. If you find plagiarism, please let @wekubusters know about it.

  • Never plagiarize content

  • Provide references for all quoted text

  • Always remember to source all images

Tip: If you need photos for your post, there are many free online image sites that you can source images from like pixabay, freeimages.com, imgsafe and tinypic.com.

Quoted Text

If you need to reference someone else's work, use the “>” symbol before the quoted text so the reader knows that they are reading non-original work. It will end up looking like this:

This will be how the the text that you are quoting will look.

The majority of your post should be your own thoughts, ideas and work. Quoted text should be used to emphasis or explain your concepts. Your entire post should never consist of mostly quoted material.

Also, it's your responsibility to make sure that you are not infringing on any copyright laws for the material that you are referencing. Know your sources.

Not Safe For Work

Remember Weku has users of all backgrounds, beliefs and ages. Not everyone wants to, or should be exposed to certain content such as nudity or graphically violent images. Please be respectful of others. Using the nsfw tag allows users to opt out of this type of content and makes Weku usable for all users.

  • It is mandatory to tag nudity, graphic images, and adult content with the tag nsfw.


Be mindful not to over-post. Technically you are allowed to posts as many times a day as you want, but be careful not to overburden your readers. You may end up with less attention as a result of over posting. Users have the option to mute posters in thier feed that overpost.

There is no set rule, but posting more than 3-4 times a day would be considered excessive by many.

Posting on Multiple Platforms

If you want to post your same original content on multiple platforms that is ok, however it is advisable to put a link to each respective page on the other, so that your post will not be mistaken for plagiarism.


You should always tag your posts properly. Take a moment to consider what tags will best suit your content. It's tempting to just pick the tags that you feel will get the most views, but this can be considered tag spamming and doesn't always work. It's better to use tags that describe your content accurately and lead others to your posts organically based on thier valid interests.


It's important to make high quality comments. This gives other users like yourself important feedback on their post. It also allows for open discussions to begin on a topic. However certain rules of thumb should be considered when commenting.

  • Leave thoughtful comments that add value to the discussion in some way.

  • One or two word comments are generally regarded as spam and rarely add value to the post.

  • Repeating the same comment on multiple posts will be seen as spam and will flagged by moderators.

  • Do not post irrelevant links in the comments. This includes your own links, unless they add value or are dirextly related to the post.

  • Do not use the comment section as a place to beg for followers. It's just bad form.

  • Comment farming is posting nonsense in the comments and then upvoting those comments to receive rewards. This behaviour will be flagged or the user will be blocked.

  • Take time to answer comments on your posts. This is just good etiquette. It shows appreciation for those who have taken the time to comment on your content and appreciate your post.


Technically, there is nothing to prevent you from upvoting all your posts and comments. At least in the short term.

But let's talk about best practice.

Most people see upvoting your own comments as abuse. Some even look at upvoting your post as unacceptable. However, the truth for now, is that the majority of people upvote their own posts, but not their own comments.

Here is a summary of the practices and rules regarding voting:

  • Don't upvote you own comments

  • Don't directly ask for votes

  • Don't ask for vote swapping

  • Don't expect reciprocal votes

  • Don't bribe people for votes


  • Do share great posts. Try to only choose high quality posts to re-weku.

  • Don't ask or bribe someone to re-weku your post

  • Do make a practice of re-wekuing posts that you find valuable and enjoyable


The job of a curator is to upvote or flag content so as to provide for quality content on the platform. By curating you are raising the value of the platform by upvoting content you find valuable, and by flagging content that you see as abusive in some way.

Anyone can curate. Every day try to spend a percentage of your time curating and supporting other users. If you expect others to read your posts, you should do the same.


If you find the need to flag a post, first:

  • Make sure you have a valid reason

  • Comment when you flag a post to let the user understand the reason

  • Always go back and check it and remove the flag if the problem has been resolved

  • It's not ok to flag a post because you disagree with or dislike the author or content

Weku Citizenship

If you want to be a good citizen here on Weku, treat others the way that you would like to be treated. We all should know the following but:


  • Try not to be offensive or rude.

  • Don't ever use hate speech, racism or threaten violence. This can result in flags or even being banned entirely from the platform.

  • Try not to be argumentative. Generally speaking it will never win you friends or influence, and usually does the opposite.

  • Don't use the wallet as a messaging platform

  • Don't Re-Weku posts without a purpose

  • Don't give critiques of people's work unless asked.


  • Actively promote Weku

  • Provide quality content

  • Respect others

  • Try and provide feedback or insight to help others

  • Provide help to those who need it

  • Thank others that help you

  • If you have a disagreement with someone, try to focus on the issues and not the person.

  • Admit when you are wrong and then apologise

  • Forgive people

  • Logout and reflect if needed

  • Be the type of user you want to see on Weku

  • Reward content creators appropriately.


These guidelines are only that, but they are designed to help increase the overall value of the Weku platform and subsequently the coin itself. Behaviour that is contrary hurts all, and that all includes you!

Disclaimer: I collected and reviewed many articles on this subject from a variety of sources in the writing of this article. I learned a few things while writing, so I can't say that all ideas were originally from my own head. But I've tried my best to combine all the different ideas that I found and learned, and then say everything in my own words.
I collectively thank all the writers that I have learned from about decentralized etiquette. I thought it important to have this resource available here on the Weku platform and hope others can benefit from it.

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Most is common sense, but I will share this because the total is valuable information.


This is a good book and Weku would be very different if some more people would read it and act.

Re-weku and 100% from me!!


Thanks friend for helping turn the tide and build Weku the right way.

This is great post. It should be posted frequently so new users know the rules and they will have idea when they create post this guide lines will help. To spread the word to everyone I am rewekuing your post.


Thanks friend.

Muy buena información!
Es de gran utilidad para el usuario de WeKu...

Great guidelines Oracle, thank you 😊


Thanks for the support.

Helpful guidelines, especially for those who didn't start out on Steemit. Thanks for putting these together.

Excellent - now lets hope everybody reads it - re-weku

A great guide! It would be wonderful if a bot was created to welcome all new users and provide a link to this guide. It would let people know from the start the community's expectations.


Adding to that thought: It would be great to have an "entrance room" where all newcomers could read the things they need to know and check off on them before entering the active part of Weku. I realize that would not be popular but it would result in better informed users and avoid some disappointment and embarrassment.


I agree, it's always easier to set expectations in the beginning than the end.


Great idea.

I agree with the majority of users that this valuable information should be installed as a guide for beginners. This will be especially valuable for those who are new to the platform for the first time, and have never come across any platforms before. This will be as a way for correct behavior and writing. This is a guarantee that incoming users do not make mistakes. After all, many do not know that there are free online sites with images from which they can receive images. Also in the pursuit of awards, beginners write many posts at once, but this does not give them a positive result. And also, they do not always read posts, and write under them meaningless comments.
I think this is a great guide written to educate users and improve the quality of the platform.


Thanks for the input, do you mind if I include some of your suggestions in the next update of this post?


I'm glad you liked my offer. I won't mind. You can write.

Great Post! This is some good info everyone on Weku should see. Upvoted and ReWekued

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