5 months ago

Today I have Halloween photos from Trick or Treat here at @paradise-found house. It is always fun to hand out candy to the kids and enjoy their costumes. As you can see in the photos, Trick or Treat started during the day light hours and continued until after dark.

This night always rekindles memories of my youth, when me and my pals would trick or treat and have so much fun in the old neighborhood. I hope you enjoy the photos and it brings to mind good memories for you!!

You can enjoy many Halloween photos from the "Trunk or Treat" event at our church here.

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!

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Looks like a blast !! Should have my son in it too :D

Wow so many visitor for the halloween. do you still have candies for me?? hahaha 😋😋

You always some interesting things in your blog :) Photos are nice and cute :) Really nice to see you here beside steemit :)



This holiday looks so fun, experiential and special.
Unfortunately, I do not celebrate this holiday in Israel, but I would gladly have liked to jump at the first opportunity to celebrate this holiday elsewhere, for the experience. It's fun to see their fun and celebration.
Thank you very much for the wonderful sharing.

Amazing photos, my friend and you are right, these costumes remind me of my childhood! Thank you @paradise-found

I think its you and your Family. Any how Great Photography here. love to enjoy this event.s

thank you.


I added a note that you created the GIF.
Thank you my friend!!


friend,,,It was not necessary.
I'm glad to use

Wow i suppose you all had real fun. This is the first non-fictional and real account of Halloween i have read of or seen as we dont celebrate here.

Wow, I really liked all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them! Papa Bear @paradise-found

@ paradise-found hello dear friend happy day
when judging by the images you have passed an extraordinary party, without a doubt to see those happy children happily retourrae our memories.
Thank you very much for giving us these beautiful pictures
I wish you a great week

Cool, it looks very happy for all these children.

Wow.....this is the definition of fun
Halloween really brings lots of memories and happiness to its celebrants.

Awwww, that's so sweet. I really have missed this.. I do really look forward to it, next year.

Hello dear friend. Do remain blessed. I love your article. It's intriguing and amazing.

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looks like you all had fun there papa bear:)
I like the girl with the jellyfish umbrella, so unique!
I want some candies too!!

This seems like so much fun!!

amazing, hopefully they are all happy, I am amazed by their joy

Wow....So Beautiful costume!!!! Fantastic photography, love Halloween

Such a magnificent @photography @paradis-found

Scary @paradise-found

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Halloweens are super cool, amazing pictures friend.

Wow wow..there are some scary masks ... but this is really interesting ...

It's so awesome! We yet don't have such tradition for Halloween, but I really hope that one day it will change

Nice post