5 months ago

"Trunk or Treat"

We started doing this event about 4 or 5 years ago and it has turned into an amazing community outreach. Attendance topped 1000 last year, and again this year. It is a opportunity to invite the community into our fellowship and learn more about our church. We also have the opportunity to follow up with families who are unchurched or those who would like us to call on them.

@paradise-found as "Packer Guy"

"Packer Guy"

Once again @paradise-found was "Packer Guy" and was voted "Best Trunk" by the participants!! The questions on everyone's mind is, "who is having more fun? Packer Guy or the kids?? Hahahahaha, of course, we all have fun and enjoy the day!!

Here are photo's so you could share in the fun!!

Which costume do you like best? Please comment

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!

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posting bagus

Oye, excelentes fotografías, creo la pasaste muy bien, te felicito, un buen momento vale oro en estos tiempos, que viva la familia.

Interesting post



soo cute papa bear:)
I'm sure you had more fun than the children hehehe
Good job papsi! Love it!
I like this one :


Yeah, that one is so cool!!
Thanks Sunny!!
Bear Hugs!!

This is very fun, guys, they look really enjoy this, I am also interested in seeing it.


Thanks my friend

Great event and beautiful photos, I really liked the costume, where you and three beautiful fairies, very beautiful costumes! Thank you @paradise-found


Thank you!!
Thats my favorite too!! Good choice!!


Thank you 🙏🏻

Costume party- kids party .. the best costume - Packer Guy @paradise-found..
Nice to have this party .. opportunity to share the gospel to all...


Thanks so much my dear friend!!
Bear Hugs!!

you so pogi papa bear , all of you looks to have real fun 💞


You are always so kind, thank you Zephie!!
Have a wonderful day!!
Bear Hugs!!

You look so sweet ❤️


Thank you @siamcat!!
We had such a fun time!!
God bless you!!
Bear Hugs!!



@ paradise-found hello dear friend to judge by the images I think it was a great day full of fun
Although all the images are very good, I like in where you are with the three fairies
much sgrcia spor give us to know these beautiful fotogarfias
I wish you a marvelous day

Wow, this is awesome


Thank you my friend!!
Have a wonderful day!!

The smiles on the children faces were priceless. Omg it gives me goosebumps. You really had an amazing experience with this kids. Thanks for sharing @paradise-found.

Seems like you all had so much fun!
All of the costumes are amazing.
Just look at those kid's smiles, they look so happy! :)


It was a wonderful day of fun.
I love to see all the kids costumes and yes, the smiling faces!!
Bear Hugs!!

Happy Halloween

Looks like both packer guy and kids had a great time!


Yes, we all had a wonderful and fun time!!


Awesome Photography!

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❤️ Weku moderator @catwomanteresa love11.gif

You look so great when you are with kids. I love it!!Halloween09.gif

Happy late Halloween !! Love it 🥰


Thanks Farwa!!
Bear Hugs!!
How was your son's Halloween?
Any pics?


Didn’t Celebrate , he’s not been well :( took him to the docotors yesterday . Pray for him


Sorry to hear this, I will certainly pray for him!!

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❤️ Weku moderator @catwomanteresa love11.gif

Very nice everything, all those beautiful children. God bless you. Papa bear.

Looks like you really enjoyed Halloween Papa Bear.
I love the pictures with all the cute dressed up kids.

God Bless!


THanks Jo - Yep, this was so much fun.
But this was Sunday!! Tomorrow I post on Halloween!!
Bear Hugs!!