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In this post you will learn to find google images labeled for reuse and avoid plagiarism.

What does labeled for reuse mean?

There are two ways to explain what labeled for reuse means.

  1. The official explanation that most websites use: Labeled for reuse means that individuals can take a photo and reuse it commercially, or non-commercially, as it is.

  2. A simpler explanation: As an individual, you are able to use these photos in any way that you’d like whether they be for commercial purposes such as your own website, or noncommercial purposes such as a school project. In other words, if an image is labeled for reuse it means that you can use it however you want, wherever you want, without modifying anything and that’s okay.
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Using google search enter the image you are searching for.
In the screenshot below you can see I searched for paradise.
and then I clicked on images to get photos related to paradise.


Once you have the images displayed, click on tools.
You will see another tool bar opens and you select usage rights.
You then select labeled for reuse.

In the screenshot below you can see I selected labeled for reuse.
By selecting labeled for reuse all the images displayed are now available for you to use.


So now you choose an image. I will select this paradise image below by clicking on it.


Now it gets even better!!
By right clicking the image and selecting
copy image address
You can grab the address and paste it directly into your blog.
No need for a image hosting site.
If you want to reuse it again I suggest selecting save image as, and you can save it to a folder for later use.

I hope this short tutorial on "finding images labeled for reuse" is helpful. Please comment below with questions or let me know if this was helpful to you.

Image hosting sites I use when using my own photos.

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!

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I never knew this! This is great. Thank you:)


Your welcome my friend @kimi!!
This is important information for all bloggers!!
Bear Hugs!!

Wow that’s an option, much easier now


Thanks my dear friend!!
Bear Hugs!!

All the best manl

Great post

thanks information,,,,@paradise-found. I hope you can see my post about nature my photography

Thanks, so now we can choose an image. And we will select that paradise image above by clicking on it.

Thanks for the information

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This is very useful information.All of us is going to be benefited by this post.

It makes it more easier. Thanks for sharing.

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thank you

This is alot of info for newbies. Thanks for taking time to share this :)

There are also several Free to Use Images that can be found on Pixabay and some other Websites.



It's good that you share this valuable material
Thank you very much for providing this information

This’s very useful friend, thank you for sharing! upvote + followed + rewekued

I didn't know about this thanks :)


Thank you my friend @saimegh!!
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This is a really nice tutorial. I typically use my own pictures. I didn't know how to do this though and use to use pixabay. What I'd really like to learn is how to tell if a person's picture is plagiarized. I never could search images to see if they came from the internet and are stolen very well. Maybe if you know you could do a tutorial on doing image searches to find plagiarized pictures for those of us who want to help clean up the community?


I wish I could help with that.
The purpose of this post is to help those who don't realize they are plagiarists.
Give them the information they need - so they understand they are stealing.
And that they can easily find the photos they need with integrity.
This post is an attempt to help cleanup the community.

it was very useful way for reuse picture papa bear @paradise-found ... but still we need to put the source at our post?


When I use a photo from "Labeled for reuse" I still provide the source.
Even though it is not required.


oh thanks for this information papa @paradise-found

Wow thank you for this information it was really very helpful especially for me as long I don't have enough good quality camera.

Wow, This is very very helpful @paradise-found ! A million thanks for posting this tutorial :) @transcendence


Your welcome my friend @transcendence!!
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thank you for your information

@paradise-found, This is awesome and will really be of help to a lot of people here.

Many don't know how to source pictures and properly reference them. With such an article like this, writing with images attached is made much more easier.

Congratulations, this post will be featured in my weekly curation report. Thanks for this awesome work.

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It's good that you share this valuable material
Thank you very much for providing this information
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was so helpful.
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Good info, may help many people to avoid getting in trouble.
Whenever possible however, I try to use an original image from my own collection.


Thank you - same here.

You better watch out, plagiarizers. You can run but you cannot hide ;) Bravo, Papa Bear!!!

Hello @paradise-found, this is very helpful to newbies like me. But I'd like to ask, would I have to just copy and paste the link address in my editor or there's a special way to add images to my stories? Thank you

Thank you very much for sharing this awesome tip with us Papa Bear.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Your welcome Jo!! Bear Hugs!!

It's great knowladge for me, thank you..

Thanks for spreading the word about how to avoid plagiarism, but more importantly how also to avoid copyright infringement which is much more serious because it is also illegal. Good job!

This post looks very interesting to read. Nice one friend. Waiting for similar posts to watch again. Once again good one friend.

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