4 months ago

I can't believe I'm saying this!!

Today it snowed!!

Yep, here in Wisconsin one ever knows what the weather will bring. Today mother nature brought snow!!

Snow Vlog

Honestly, this wasn't just a few minutes.
This snow went on all afternoon.

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!

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that was early how does it feel, how cold? here in the Philippines no snowfall even in December, it feels hot now like summer..

keep safe, enjoy the snowfall...

Beautiful day @paradise-found..
I want to experience SNOW..
Enjoy your day .. God bless..

I moved to Japan to avoid heavy snowfall. I don't miss the Toronto winters one bit! Snow is fun for the first few weeks though. I lived in Edmonton for 3 years, and it was -35 degrees during the colder days of winter. Snow was dry, and the air was so dry that you can drag your feet on carpet and electrocute yourself when you touched something.
Anyways, have fun with it...

Wow, Not even Halloween, so early. Enjoy the snow.

Heard alot about snow but haven't seen one live before, Still the snow came so early, still a good thing.

Have a lovely day...

Enjoy the beautiful snow, maybe this is because it's too cold.

Whoa...what? Snow already? It is only middle of October...You beat us here in Michigan..Please keep the snow, don't send it my way...I am not ready! (LOL)


Yeah, and the funny thing is, it's still snowing!!
It has snowed all afternoon. This is crazy!!

Oh man! Really?


Dude, it snowed like this all afternoon.

@ paradise-found hooo, snow at this time, is ahead of me, may be a sign that this year will be very cold. is predicted
thank you very much for letting us know this video
I wish you a wonderful week dear friend

whoaa! That's very early!
It's beautiful! Let is snow..let it snow...
Santa Papa Bear is coming to town!!

I think you are going to have a white Christmas there hehe:)
I enjoyed that papa bear!
Thank you.


Thanks Sunny - I'm grateful for you my friend!!
Bear Hugs today from a Polar Bear!!

nice post friend. I really want to also see snow. because in Indonesia there is no snow

Snow yesterday was not welcome for me either. I am your neighbor to the west - yesterday snow was a surprise...

oh man Wisconsin beat Alaska. No snow here yet :)