3 months ago

Remodeled as a Green Bay Packer Camper

The interior of @paradise-found Hiawatha truck camper has been completely redone Packer style. New carpet, drapes, cushion covers. New matching laminate on counter, refrigerator, and table top.

With the table up

New window screens, and also new cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen. Working propane heater, refrigerator, and lamp. Also solar backup for lighting.

Table down /room to sleep 4

The double bed above the cab includes privacy curtain. Can sleep 4 as table breaks down to a bed. This is a perfect for a hunting shack or just weekends in the wilderness.

Double bed above the truck cab


Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!

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Where are you going, Have fun, that was comfortable, have a safe trip.

I wonder if there is a plenty of food there on the refrigerator, green is the color represents nature, Enjoy...


Thank you!! Bear Hugs!!

look is great , also setup and coloring , i thing i can develop by interior designer.

You did an amazing job there man. Nice work!!


Thank you, someone appreciates the work involved. Thank you!!


You're welcome man.

very good, the color combination is very good

Wow sangat menakjub kan,luar biasa

Good job on conversion, looks very good table, bed and Kitchen. I have also converted my van into camper van, I will post about my van very soon. Enjoy your trip @paradise-found

now that's living the dream. I wish I had the moola to buy an RV!


It cost me $200. I put the hard work in to it!!

@ paradise-found The motorhome is great, the interior looks very nice, one of those units would be great for this area of the world, where there is a lot of diversity to visit and explore, with one of those here you have a great life
many garcias for letting us know how splendid the termination
I wish you a wonderful day


I'm very grateful to have enjoyed this camper!!
Have a wonderful day!!

That's really neat! You did a great job finding all the right colored fabrics to get your Packers theme. I bet you'll have fun traveling in there. When my husband and I bought out house I he and I got our own spaces to decorate. His man room is all Carolina Panther's colors. It was hard matching their blue to get the right paint for the walls. He's in love with the room and watches all the Panthers games in it.

Looking great! it takes a lot of work to get them the way you want them. With the backup solar, it is perfect for the out of the way boondocking sites.

This is a very luxurious equipment, I like your bed.

the room setting and colours combination is amazingly perfect.... I love it.
Safe trip anyways

Wow! you have this one kind of truck sir, I really wish of this truck. You can travel everywhere without rushing out & falling inline in the terminals.

gotta go camping paps? enjoy the moment 😘❤️❤️❤️

Yay! ❤️ Go, Packers!