3 months ago

"Each morning I drive the school bus 20 miles east, straight into the rising sun. There are many beautiful images on my phone from this part of my journey. Then I turn the bus north and drive another 40 miles to the school. Often times I also get to see chemtrails in the sky. Yesterday morning I photographed the beautiful sunrise and the not-so-beautiful chemtrails."
~ @paradise-found

Beautiful Sunrise (God's fingerprint)

Chemtrailed sky (Man's fingerprint)

Biblical teaching

1 Corinthians 1:25

"For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength."

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Stunning skies. What beauty you have found!

so beautiful the sun rises, indeed the power of God is unmatched.

Good jop my friends and good luck for you.. please help me @paradise-found

Sorry to have to put this long message here, but I have limited time and I need to get the message out.

I am typing from a borrowed computer in a cyber cafe. My computer and both phones died on Saturday as well as our poor 17 year old kitty, Sally. Then on Sunday the grandfather of the family that is staying with us in the compound passed away. We had his funeral on Monday afternoon. Organizing a funeral in the midst of a war is horrendous. We have also had two tropical storms sitting over us dumping a tremendous amount of water causing flooding and mudslides. Tuesday my son and I were both sick to add to problems.

The country is in a terrible state. The central bank is bust and people are still being shot and being imprisoned with no hope of release as they have been deemed terrorists. Everyone's safety is in peril. We don't dare leave the compound after noon on any day. Going to the cemetery was a risk. I can't replace my phone or my computer until I don't know when so I will not be on here or steemit much if at all. I all ready miss all my friends on both platforms and on discord. If I plan it right, I may be able to keep in touch with people through discord. Until We chat again. Take care. ♥💔😢


Thanks Ceci, I will pass this to the GV family.
Sorry about your gadget misfortune and loss of your lovely kitty.
I do not know what I'd do without internet or phone.
Praying for you and your family and your household at the compound.
Love and bear hugs!!


Thanks Ceci,
Sorry to hear the sad news:(:(
Stay safe. We are praying for your family and friend and for Nicaragua.
Love and prayers.


Thank you @cecicastor for getting the word out! Please be safe and may God watch over you. XOXO


I am so sorry, Ceci :( I truly feel you. I am asking all the angels to watch over you and your loved ones. I am also including you in my prayers. Xoxo

Generally the sunset phenomenon is beautiful, but you can show the more beautiful. thank you for sharing with us.

amazing photos thanks for sharing

lovely photos papa bear:)
Love it!
Sun and sky = miracle.


@ paradise-found holaquerido amigofeliz dia
What a beautiful sunrise, such a sky makes it worth living.
very true biblical teaching
Many thanks to give us to know these beautiful words and beautiful photographs
I wish you a prosperous day

Wow, such beauty in the air. It's a way of God giving you a sign and a message

You have left a beautiful post. Both the photos, as your message.
Hopefully many more people, take the time to admire the work of God, to prevent their deterioration.
Greetings, friend @paradise-found.

Wow. How magnificent, Papa Bear! I am a huge fan of sky photos. These are just simply amazing.

I love the color of the sky in the first one!

This is very good, I really like the red light.

Warna langit di pagi hari yang indah

Wooow, beautiful dear friend. I love pictures.