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Janice Hung, 10 time International Martial Arts Champion, is also a TV and Movie actress, as well as commercial model. @janicehung has now landed here on WEKU!! You can visit Janice first post here.

Boost for WEKU

This is a big boost for the community. Janice brings over 400,000 social media followers and over 4.5 Million views on youtube with her. Janice heritage is full blood Chinese, however she was born and raised in the Philippines.

I want to thank @janicehung for allowing me to write this promo post. Promoting not only Janice arrival here on WEKU, but also the celebration of this moment. WEKU is going places!! WEKU is advancing!! WEKU is on the way to major success!! This is just one more proof of WEKU's growing international acceptance.



Wushu is a Chinese Martial Arts originated from China, made famous by Jet Li and often used by many Hollywood action Films. Wushu is a type of Martial Arts wherein they use different kinds of weapons, like the sword, spear, cudgel and a lot more. Janice was in Elementary School when the Philippine Wushu Team came and demonstrated Wushu. Janice immediately fell in love with this sport.



Janice paid the price of hard work and discipline, and afterwards came success. She is a 10 time Gold Medal Champion. Here is a partial list of her accomplishments:

  • Gold medal in Tai Ji Quan National Championship in Wushu (2007)
  • Gold Medal in Tai Ji Jian - National Championship in Wushu (2007)
  • Gold medal for Tai Ji Quan - National Championship in Wushu (2006)
  • Gold medal for Tai Ji Jian - National Championship in Wushu (2006)
  • Gold medal for Tai Ji Quan and Tai Ji Jian - National Championship in Wushu (2005)
  • Gold medal for Tai Ji Quan and Tai Ji Jian - National Championship at Wushu (2004)
  • Gold medal for Tai Ji Quan and Tai Ji Jian - National Championship at Wushu (2003)
  • Gold medal for Chang Quan, Swing Games, and Spearman - Wushu National Championship (2002)
  • Gold medal for Chang Quan, Swing Games, and Spearman - Wushu National Championship (2001)
  • Gold medal for Chang Quan and Game Swans - Wushu National Championship (2000)
  • Gold medal for Game Swatch - National Championship of Wushu (1999)



Janice has a very busy schedule including the following: Movie roles, TV roles, Modeling assignments and promotional tours. But whenever I chat with Janice, she is relaxed. As crazy as her life must seem, she is very laid back.
Probably Janice most famous role is in the Philippine TV show Encantadia as the villian Bathalumang Ether (see photo above).


Udefend Project

Developed by International Wushu Champion Janice Hung through her solid martial arts background. Udefend integrates the forms of Tai Ji and Wushu, into a completely individual program. It is a flexible and dynamic system suitable for women and children as well as the elderly.
Janice takes her Udefend Program into schools and communities, teaching self defense skills to those who need it the most.


show off.jpg

My friend ~ Janice Hung

Janice as a person is very warm and genuine. When you chat with her, she is like your best friend. Her demeanor is caring and humble. Janice listens to you, and truly cares. Janice is very approachable, send her a message today:

Connect with Janice:
WeKu: @janicehung
Instagram : @janicehungwushu
Facebook: JaniceHungTV
Youtube: Janice Hung

Chat with Janice Hung on Discord.

Janice is a member of the #gratefulvibes and #ZEAL communities.
Connect on discord at the links below:
#gratefulvibes discord link
#ZEAL discord link

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!

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This is just the beginning, this platform is going to grow big time. I am so excited

Thank you papa bear @paradise-found for inviting me here. I knkw this is gonna be a great community😊


You are certainly very welcome here Janice!!
Its wonderful you joined WEKU!!
Bear Hugs!!

welcome to weku @paradise-found,,,, nice to meet you,,, I always support your post if there is notification @muisa,,, I want to establish a kinship to be able to help each other. Our introduction greetings,,,

Welcome, Janice <3


Janice is amazing!!

Nice post @paradise-found


Thank you so much!!

Ohh wusu is a great martial art

Welcome to the weku community

thanks for sharing


You are welcome to the fastest growing blockchain platform. Enjoy your stay

Thank you @paradise-found for the great introducing Janice Hung in this platform..
God bless

Thanks so much for inviting my wife and I , we are very thankful we are no stars but may be assets later on


Your welcome my friend!!
Lets jump on the WEKU moon ship!! 🚀

Nice ,weku great community


yes indeed!!

Day by day Weku is evolving... It's so nice see famous people around here.


I just met her today in Discord and she is the coolest!!


She is definitely the coolest!!
Thanks @kimi!!

congratulations dear friend @ paradise-found for the great job you are doing in promoting this new platform. I share your opinion that Weku is destined to be an excellent social network
I wish you a great day


Thank you my good friend!!
Have a great day!!

great job in informing us,otherwise we wouldn't have know. i havent actually ever seen her although i watch almost all nationality movie. keep up the good work.


Janice is amazing!!
Your welcome!!

Awesome. I love Chinese martial arts. The more celebrities we get involved, the more value this platform will have. Great job getting her on board.


You are correct!! WEKU to the moon!!

Wow, that's a pretty impressive addition to the community, @paradise-found! You do seem to have a way of connecting with influential people... things like this could really jump start this community!


Just lucky I guess!!
Thanks my friend!!

An interesting lady I guess. She is strong and cute.

lovely nice plz visit my id @jellybelly2018

This is now the beginning of a new way and everyone don't really exactly where it will be lead.
And it can lead us to a great place.
A wonderful and successful place that everyone can grow up good. learned from each other.
and if it is on you.
Let's Enjoy!

thanks for sharing, I´ll follow you. greetings from México.

Nice one sir, my wushu idol is here too.
@g10a here how are you sir @paradise-found?

Good job👌

Wonderful promo post for a wonderful person! Thank you for introducing Ms. @janicehung to this platform as she also introduced me here. This community looks promising and exciting!

Hi friends, this world looks really cool, but I prefer Wushu.
My friend, if you have time, I really hope you see my post.

wow.....she is very welcome here am impress by her achievements.

Hey Paradise-found it sure is a great heads up and many more great things are gonna come ;)

beatiful @janicehung. Welcome!


Wow @janicehung is here, such a precious gem for weku! Kodus to @paradise-found for inviting her...

Welcome @janicehung
the Wushu Queen
Weku to the moon papa bear!
God bless always

We all have several roles to play in any place we find ourselves.

Having such personality here will make a whole lot of difference, it's really gettingbto know that special people are begining to grace weku.

Weku to the moon!
You are highly welcomed here @janice

@paradise-found your hardwork will definitely payoff someday. Continue your good works. Though I am new to this platform as well, but I believe our collective efforts will take weku higher to it peak.