Absent (original song by @philodendron)

11 months ago

pochette absent.png

This song evokes a feeling of dreamlike euphoria, a far away sense of being absent yet ever present and awake to behold this state of distance. As one's mind wanders in gloomy shades of melancholy, absent in the fogs of the infinite in-between.

Cette chanson évoque le sentiment d'euphorie qui s'apparente au monde du rêve,
l'impression lointaine d'être absent
mais à la fois d'être présent et éveillé à cet état de distance.
Lorsque l'esprit erre dans l'entre-deux
et se retrouve dans de sombres nuances mélancholiques.
Absent dans le brouillard infini.

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Nice work....followed you on Choon. Looking forward to listening to more of your material.


Thanks for having a listen, happy you enjoyed it! Not to worry, there is a lot more material to come!
By the way I must tell you that you have a sweet guitar, I also saw that you did a Hank Williams cover, he is one of my favourite country music artists, maybe we could do a collab on one of his songs one day if you'd like...

Interesting music you produce :)


Thank you @graviton! ;)
It's nice of you to pass by and leave us some feedback.
Making music is such a great way of expressing feelings without words, of exploring emotions without overthinking, it brings so much joy and fulfillment to our lives. Having the chance to share this part of us with all of you is a blessing. Much love to you and keep up the excellent writing, really enjoy your posts.