Why Does Shit happen?

2 months ago

Goodevening wekuians and welcome back to the community. Speaking for myself, the weku holiday was a long and boring one for me, i missed been here and am happy everything is in place now.....except for some lost comments, rewards and a couple of things.


Alot of people grew attached to weku. Since weku was down i spent more time in the discord, discussing and making friends and i observed that people grew so attached to weku and so they yearned so much for it return. Also there were tons of questions to be answered about weku's recovery and lots of feedbacks were dropped to the various communities by their admins.

For two days we all hoped and anticipated the recovery of weku and finally when it got back a couple of activities and transaction was reversed...😥😥

So many wekuians from their complaints in the various discord communities today, spoke bitterly concerning the data loss. I equally lost a couple of followers and weku dollars. Sadly, its an irresversible procedure.

Staying Strong and Moving on!!


Weku is still developing, there is bound to be issues and setbacks. I am a member of Ono click here to know more and it still in its early stage, there were times Onoians were locked out of their accounts for weeks and this all because it is in a beta stage.

So what am i trying to say?

Since weku is still young, we must bear with it because at this stage shits and setbacks are ineveitable. Weku needs time......she will be stable soon. For me its return is enough to cheer me up so far as it didnt break down completely.

The Wrap
Keep the positive vibes coming, share your contents and be happy. Remember weku is still developing and we must cope with it. Better days ahead, so cheer up and lets keep kicking

i am a proud member of the *amar and zeal-gratefulvibes communities click here and click here to join Amar and G.V communities respectively.....see you there!!!

Thanks for dropping by

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great post


Thanks dear

Great Blog


Thanks friend

Yes, that is :)


Yeah....it is

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Though those 2 days weren't boring for me 😉


Tapai fata


Hahaha 😁 jatasukai mero cmt nahera ta @teamnepal


They were so boring and dump for me

It is time to neglect the past, look forward and move forward. There is no success without challenges and difficulties. We all lost something, but we have passed that now. Before the maintenance, I want on rep 54, now. I'm back to 53 because I lot some upvotes.

➡ Forward we go...




Dont worry....you will regain whats lost!!

You right.
Weku is still under development and we shouldn't feel bad when there is a break down.


100% true

Nice job on your recent post wow 84$


Hehe....thanks @tornadoman

GV family loves Promzy!!
Bear Hugs!!


I love G.V familly more
Thanks papa bear

At least we learnt something new.


Yeah....thanks for dropping by