MM Photography Series: ”Golden hour in Dublin hills”

last month

Have you ever noticed how we as humans almost always tend to ask and wish for things that are far, far away. When something is farther away it is always more attractive, then as soon as we get to it is going to lose its brightness. Could it be that things farther are much more vague, so they are more appealing; but as we get closer we get to see themas they are so we loose interest. One thing is certain, we will always want what we don't have But never forget what you have and be grateful for it, because when you loose it you are sure going to miss it.

It is really hard to leave all behind and move to new city, start new life from scratch. This picture was taken when we moved to Dublin and its a great expression of where we want to be and what is on our way and when; prickles represent every obstacle we bumped into. In the background you can see Dublin, where we want to be. Sun at the dawn as a start of a new day. Dominant color is black as that were our feelings and thoughts when we moved and green stands for everything that is Ireland. Funny how things sometimes work out having someone by your side for whom you are grateful for.



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