2 years ago

These creatures are amazing!!!

Honestly, these are some incredible animals. While this video is not exhaustive, it does cover a lot about this amazing creature. From having a bifurcated penis to eating ticks, these creatures have many strange things about them that you may not have known. While they do have prehensile tails that they can hang from, they do not sleep that way.

Did you know that they are basically immune to snake venom, or that they are the United States and Canada's only marsupial? Either way, there is a lot more in this video that you may not have known. Enjoy it, and see if you can learn something.



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So cute and interesting animals.

Thanks for the fact that I did not know before.

hello good morning friend
that captures more beautiful.
how it looks at you
I think he wants a piece of you.
Happy day

Always loved your post & i following you since 2017 on steemit...! Really great to see you here...

thanks for your good content U&C #


We have a opossum who I see every night that I named Pumpkin Spice. She's not bothered by me at all and never hisses or shows her teeth at me. She just sniffs around our carport and ignores me when I'm outside. She's fun to watch with that big old tale and such a fascinating little thing. Possums are like little tanks.

Very cute and sweet animals, very good posts.

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How scary, he has sharp teeth, he seems to be furious with you but he is beautiful.