Meet WEKU Friends 🧡

last year


Our meet up yesterday was amazing! We had a great time, met WEKU friends in real life, discussed about life and visions.

I picked up Otto and Matt at the train station, then drove to the wonderful region of Hohe Wand, a mountain area, home of Peter Gric. Peter is a great Artis, he is a friend of my good friend Otto.

I saw many of Peter's famous paintings at his blog, but it's amazing to see all the paintings at his home&studio. He has a wonderful house with a very big garden near the mountain and we were all day until the evening at his place.

Some of Perter artists friends joined in our meet up. We had lunch and drinks, I could have a chance to introduce WEKU to them and told our new friends about blockchain in general.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 00.02.30.png

Perter has a very lovely Cat, actually he has 2 cats but only one was there yesterday.


Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 00.02.30.png

Some of Peter's wonderful artworks

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 11.36.34.png



Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 00.02.30.png

Thank you for the wonderful time, thank you for having us there @artofthemystic @gric @mattgroening

Here are some pictures of our meet up yesterday, hope you enjoy it!





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We had a great time - and there was enough food to feed an army! Your first time at Peter's place .... should do it again some time, there is much to explore in that area, as well as you did not have a chance to check out his drones and how to fly them!


Haha, we need to eat more...yes, drone will be very interesting

Thank you guys for stopping by! We had a great time with you all !!!


Yes, we do... hopefully we will have the meetup again in the future.

@siamcat hello dear friend, when judging by the images you can see that they had a very pleasant time. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing with friends. You can see that there is a lot of joy and positivism
I wish you a splendid weekend


Thank you Jlufer!
yes only positivity will bring us forward 😸

A very extraordinary meeting in the relationship between friends, this trip is a very interesting thing for Weku's progress, hopefully all friends in this world enjoy this story in terms of our mutual progress. Peter Gric's collection of paintings is amazing, I really like it. Your efforts can benefit Weku friends. And I am personally very happy if Weku has a place in their hearts. May Weku always be Jaya. We hope that your days are always in a very pleasant condition.

We Are Weku


Thank you,
Yes its important to take time to do good for ourself.

What a fantastic time you had!


Yes, we had a great time

Will there be a plan from Wekuteam to do a meet up in the real world like this for all Weku users, if there is really something that is really awaited, it might remind of memories (steemfest people) when gathering in Amsterdam and Lisbon.


Our CEO is planning maybe next year in US Texas


TEXAS ?? oh no... very very far from our country. hahahha ! @siamcat thanks for information. this is good news for our.


Haha.. from me too.. but our CEOs live there


oh.. yea ! We all be waiting for this special event.. thanks

Hari yang menyenangkan, sehingga bisa berkumpul dengan dengan teman-teman. sungguh kebahagian tersendiri dan mencapai tujuan bersama. Salam

Incredible my friend, this is really cool I really like the beauty of the mountain behind your picture,

Do you live in the same area, with the friends in this picture,

very happy to be able to gather with my friends there, if there is time allowed sister to visit our place in Aceh Indonesia

wow it is an extra ordinary idea to collaborate with other wekus user....and the picture are amazing...

Good one :-)

The paintings look awesome, did you make a video?


I did not, maybe next time

Seeing respectable and great people gathered is our luck to be like them. 😊

Really cool!

Lovely meetup💕