#Weku Quote - Take The High Road

2 months ago

"Take the high road when you feel like telling somebody off. Put your ego down. Where there’s unity, the favor on your life is increased. You are ten times more powerful when you’re in agreement."- Joel Osteen-

Keep shining everyone.

Quote source

Gratefuvibes Discord Channel https://discord.gg/ckGqMG
Zeal Discord Channel https://discord.gg/Vq6rep

Yours truly,
The village girl @sunnylife

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the results of interesting shots of charming flowers, warm greetings.


thank you.

@sunnylife hello dear friend, happy day
Beautiful lacita of the day, there are many truths in it
thank you very much for letting us know
I wish you a great day


thanks for dropping by.
Have a great day

Lovely! How you doin, sis?


thanks sis.One love
#mamamode to the maxx nyahaa

kaygandang mensahe , dun ako sa superhig road haha 😘💞


salamat sis.

Amen mam.


salamat po sir.

Very beautiful indeed! love the colors and shape. Stunning capture!


thank you my friend.