Trying to Fix Wekucoin Price, but I can't do It Myself

2 years ago


Dear Community!

A few hours ago I took the initiative to help the price of back-to-back high, but sometimes I also think for what I am doing this, this is the task of the team not me, for what i do that, to find a loss. Sometimes I think like that after what happened to me in weku, but I try to be professional and ignore the past.

You can see in the picture above, I tried to increase the bid on Wekucoin prices, from initially only 0.03 then I increased the bid to the number 0.033, then 0.035 and so on upto the number 0.042. I hope that when other people who want to buy Wekucoin will increase their bids too.

But yup, like the title of this post I am not able to do it myself, I also need help from all of weku users.

After all my offers were bought, people started bidding Wekucoin at 0.037 again, this is a slight increase before that price but not as I expected.I really hope that all of weku users don't sell your WeKucoin below 0.05 so that Wekucoin prices can increase again.

We can take an example on WLS, all WLS users offer their Wls coins at 0.1 and buyers offer prices of 0.07, 0.08, and 0.09 but as long as I monitor there is no one bought at 0.07, all of which are purchased above 0.085.

It is time for us to unite for the sake of the platform and bring a more reasonable price for Wekucoin.


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We really must do what we have to do in order for us to be successful. Sometimes what we do are for the benefit of everyone and not just by being selfish alone. Still having problems with my Weku earnings stuck in @openledger-dex. And hoping to find a way for me to get my Steem-converted funds.


Hopefully you can immediately resolve your problem.


Crossing my fingers for that. Thank you. :)

I am sure WEKUCOIN can only increase with the presence of large-scale investments

Yes. You can’t do it alone...

weku has been very much a user. A very large investment will occur when the weku party dares to take ICO steps. We sincerely hope that this will happen and support and ideas will be contributed at any time.

Kita harus melakukannya bersama sama

I tried last time to bring it up to 0.07