How Do I Curate?

5 months ago

I know a lot about curation and alot. I have done tons of curation. I know the power of curation too (even in terms of bringing about 'real world adjustment') and i have applied the art of curation in a ton of variety of ways. 

Yes, curation is a very powerful tool. It is an art. However, it is still used very limitedly. According to me, there are many aspects to curation besides just 'giving out votes' (distributing rewards) or bring posts to further visibility. 

Speaking of bringing a post to further visibility, one valid way to do so is via 'a reweku', so can't it be said that 'a reweku' can be used in the 'art of curation'? A comment underneath a post as well, can create a thread or a web availing the respective post of further visibility, so can't it be said that the 'art of curation' can involve 'commenting'?

Hahaha, how about the discord servers? What when a curator, sees a post and doesn't stop at just 'voting, comment & resteeming' but goes on to 'sharing the respective post on various social media groups (e.g discord etc) leading the post to some more visibility? 

Curation is broad, has context and is an art.

On blockchain, curation has more power as a tool when used even as a 'mentality adjuster' moreso than as a 'reward distributor'.

There are many factors affection 'curation' especially in my case and alot of context to my curation style that many times, just looking at my vote alone, you may misunderstand me in my vote-action. I used to get tackled in the past for voting on some content, perhaps content seen to have been of 'low quality' e.g a one-liner but i tell you, a 'one-liner' saying there will be earthquake in 5 mins, may have constituted more value on a particular 'earthquake-day', than 10 pages about rat poison.

Yes, in my style of curation, there is 'context'.

I could vote users simply to encourage them. Note that on weku, value is what is rewarded, where content is only a form of value. Much value can have happened behind-the-scenes only to be rewarded on-the-scene (via vote).

When it comes to curation, i more keen on curating 'the human'. Anyone can write fancy content. Yes, i am more interesting in 'the human' behind the content. Thus, my style of curation is 'directional curation', one that cares, one that stirs 'real human growth', one of testimonial essence. 

There is also a timeliness factor to 'my curation'. At particular times, a simple upvote can mean more than just an upvote. At timely times, it can save a life. If you doubt me, think thrice. 


We have started our curation efforts covering#ulog found on sportstalksocial and we implore to join the motion. 

To submit your ulogs, join this discord and put your link in the appropriate post-promo channel for sportstalk seen on the left side-bar. Our primary focus is with 'certified uloggers' as they form the core of our ecosystem. Ofcourse, every(any)one can get certified by completing the 5 simple steps on this discord channel 

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