I Never Laughed Inside, Not Even In Play. Sports Can Serve More Testimonial Essence As A Means To 'mine the human'.

5 months ago

I haven't been active in sports for a long time now. Too much 'life' happened and 'surpassing google' in the mix. Within a short space of time, my mum had endured her first ever admitted-in-the-hospital illness and i got to see her for the first time in some 5-years and it was 16-days and she died before my eyes. I watched it and this wasn't sports.

Then i had to relocate my dad to be with him, to cater to him and he was all ill and i haven't been son enough. I hear his wailing each day and my heart is abnormal now. I am with him 247, 'helpless me', just watching. I suffer. 

When i was actively playing sports, especially in the more recent years, i was 'surpassing google'. Even in the games it was never really play. I used to go back home and collapse after the games because i was in battles. My teammates never had the same mentality, which is okay but i suffered too much strain physically and many times when we lost, it is cos these men aren't so prone to taking that very-takeable next or extra step. They crumble in heat. 

I had to move on and into isolation and to 'continue surpassing google' became the sole case. No outings, no outlets, just me in intense digging.

Surpassing google is a big deal. It is an entire curriculum and it is to play out 'beautiful disruption', 'world adjustment' and there would be battles involved. These battles broke my physically. 

Once in the past, while in a game, i was shown my 'bald head'. It wasn't the normal baldness! The point is, i didn't know, i had gone bald, bald from leaning my head (for years) against the wall. The scalp died and my head in that area feels like it has a tender hole. I can't even touch it cos it feels like i will poke right into my cranium. Well, i used to lay in bed with a PC on my thighs, in lying position, with head against the wall and neck slanted, for hours each day. No food, for 'starvation was delicious'; surpassing google it was. 

External inspiration from peers, location, locality etc needed for this particular journey was non-existent and procrastination-triggers lurked everywhere, so before that PC i would stay, skipping all valuable meals and skipping sleep. I lost the ability to sleep altogether and i now haven't sleep in years. It kills. 

My body formation changed entirely, it became 'always on'. I was always on speed, 24/7, with excruciating pain all-body-long, without the ability to enjoy anything; but i created the curriculum for 'surpassing google' and kept evolving these curriculum into levels of spanlessness. On steem for instance, there came about https://steemgigs.org, https://teardrops-test.herokuapp.com, https://ulogs.org etc. 

Yes, there came about TEARDROPS a breakthrough token and emblem of human to reward 'proof of tears' (mining the human).

Well, all i am saying is, "sports can serve more testimonial essence also as a means to 'mine the human' into its awesomest version". 

I recommend thus, that you join in, let's sportstalk 'ulogging style' also on #ulog and #ulog-sportstalk. Let's 'mine the human' even with the niche called 'sports'. We also have curation efforts on-going on these tags. 

To brighten the day, here are three sports moments:

Your boy Terry


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