What Is The 'Teardrops' Smart Media Tokens?

5 months ago

The Teardrops SMT is a digital currency 'with a prayer'. It is considered 'an emblem of human' & 'breakthrough' token to reward 'proof of tears'.

It will power three blockchain-based social-network platforms namely; ULOGS.ORG, STEEMGIGS.ORG & MACROHARD.PRO, all of which apply a ‘mining the human’ model. Among a variety of utilities, it will be used also as a 'token of influence' across all three aforementioned social-platforms, rewarding activities that 'mine human virtues'.

En-route ‘mining the human' into its awesomest version, there is bound to many tears, whether happy, sad or un-fell. We intend to fix each tear with some teardrops, for tear has value.

More than just a token, the Teardrops SMT is an entire ecosystem built around a grey-list of certified users. It represents an entire curriculum aimed at fixing the rarity in the 'great men' industry, abating half-humanism & hand-to-mouthism; taking lights right inside tunnels.

As a digital currency it is an 'emblem of human' modeled to bring about 'breakthrough in human'; beautiful disruptions, world adjustment. "We can change the world. We can adjust it" @surpassinggoogle

It is thus a 'celebratory' currency to reward 'proof of tears' whether happy, sad or un-fell tears, for en-route mining the human into its awesomest version, there is bound to be many tears.

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