Daily top post on teamquality tag : Day 65

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Teamquality project is a tag designed by @teamnepal and operated by @franz54 to support quality content on weku platform. Unlike other tag, which upvotes random posts with out seeing, we upvote posts according to quality and give rating to the post.

Daily top post which scored 9 or 10 rating will be voted by @teamnepal!

Today's top posts!

We will encourage you all to make quality posts daily, we will reward you and make sure to use #teamquality as your main tag!

Here is how much upvote you will get depending upon your post quality! :

1-2 rating will get 1% vote ($0.09 est)
3-4 rating will get 5% vote ($0.5 est)
5-6 rating will get 20% vote ($2 est)
7-8 rating will get 50% vote($5 est)
9-10 rating will be voted by @teamnepal

Teamquality is the only tag to give you rating out of 10, fully human curated and reward according to the ratings you got! Rating helps you know where you are and helps improving you and you will be rewarded according to rating motivating you to make a better post! Please use #teamquality tag!

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