Learn to live, it is not just enough to exist.

6 months ago
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When I talk about living, I do not mean you should just exist.
There is a clear difference between existing and living and the earlier we realize that, the more life becomes beautiful for us.

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Everyone exist but it takes extra effort to live, living takes a deliberate action.
The only thing some people know how to do is to look for money and look for ways to get rich, so they work hard and hard and do not have the time for fun at all.

Do not just exist, learn to add meaning to space, let your value be felt by everyone around you.
Wherever you find yourself, let your presence be felt positively.
Learning to live implies that your actions and attitude should add value to those around you.

Learn to love, learn to live, have fun, smile and enjoy life as much as you exist.
Thanks for reading, I am @tobi.

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let live a good, meaningful and let our life be of important to other that are close to us, irrespective of language and where we they come from. that's a good life to me.


You are absolutely right.

Pursuing the search for money, we lose the time of our life, the eternal run for comfort takes our strength. And close to us live our loved ones who demand the warmth of our hearts, our kind word and part of our life, which is more important - each person chooses himself, the main thing will not be mistaken with the choice :)


You are absolutely correct.