A Morning Filled with Beautiful Wishes.

7 months ago
in life

I woke up this morning with a mind filled with worries and fear, I decided to stay in bed some more because I was scared of what I was going to wake up to or what the day was going to look like.
I said some quick words of prayer with the hope that things get better, I closed my eyes and I slept back.

After some time, I knew I had to get up, I had acted lazy enough and it was time to get some things done, I didn't feel like sleeping any more so I wrapped myself and stayed on the bed as my mined flashed through a lot of things.
If only wishes were horses, if only my imaginations will come to pass, if only I will have the things my heart wish for, I know I will surely get them, but I wish they could be as fast as I want them.

As I laid on my bed wrapped in a soft blanket, I wished for a lot of things and I will share some of them with you my friends:

I wish everything will just turn out well and fine.
I wish there will be sufficient money to eat what I want and wear what I love.
I wish business will turn out excellent.
I wish every fake person will be exposed.
I wish God blesses the love of my life,
I wish to have a life filled with little effort and bountiful result. A life of Grace and Favour.

I got up immediately and I started going about my daily activities, because I know that staying in bed will not get me any desired result.
Thanks for coming around, I am @tobi. Stay loved and beautiful.

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All the best for u @tobi

Good morning @tobi !

Good morning @tobi full of beauty and all desires are achieved today.

A new day brings new worries, anxieties and fears near us all the time, only if we succumb to them we will experience defeat, but this is not very desirable. Good morning, with a new joy !!