Answering Questions the Right Way.

8 months ago
in life

A lot of people have problems because of their inability to answer questions the right way.
A lot of relationship has hit the rock because certain questions have been answered the wrong way.
How about learning to answer questions appropriately, this will save us from a lot of problems and issues.

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Sometimes, the only thing the questioniare demands is a simple YES or NO, your inability to answer these questions as requested creates problems on most occasions.
Learning to answer questions rightly, has the ability to reduce the rate of fight and misunderstanding.
I hope you understand my point, learn to answer questions the right way and let's eliminate every possible issue.

Thanks for reading, I am @tobi.

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one need to be very careful when need arise to answer questions because while you are in haste you might pronounce wrong thing as an answer to the question asked.


Absolutely right.

indeed, to answer a correct answer from a question is not an easy thing, but we must try to answer the right from a question that is told to us.


Thanks for your amazing opinion.

Sincerity will remove any irregularity. Right for whom? A person should never lie to himself, this is the basis of survival. To answer the question so that suit another person? Is this true of yourself and your true opinion? We find ourselves in a vicious circle, therefore it is necessary to answer what you think, or to be silent.


This is a great point, thanks for coming around.