Do not be in a haste to draw conclusions about others.

6 months ago
in life

It is very funny how someone will claim to know the future of another human, some people feel that by mere observation, they have the right to know or tell what tomorrow holds for another man.

I was in a public transport today when i overhead the conversation of some people that was really funny to me, they were talking about a lady who is in love with her boyfriend, and one of those ladies said: this girl is just deceiving herself, he will never marry her.
I was shocked because these young gossip have no idea about what the future holds for themselves, talk more of what the future holds for another person.


Sometimes, our suspicion might be very incorrect, we may think things will turn out in a certain direction, and it will end up in another direction.
Most times our judgment about people usually turn out in the opposite direction, so it advisable not to judge at all.

Thanks for coming around, I am @tobi. Stay loved and beautiful.

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i totally disagree if anyone claim to know another person future or what might happen to someone tomorrow, all i believed in is that God in his infinite mercy had created few selected people with some gift of seeing little revelation about human.

so on the issue about drawing conlusion, i would rather stick to a bible verse which say do not judge so that you would not be judge.

i rest my case for here now.

I am not agree with you. We have to think positive also negetive sides and also to here. Most of time it gives confidence and energy to make it possible to shut the mouth of negetive speakers.

Whatever the reasoning is, the main thing is that the correct conclusion is made. I support completely