Get up and Get Going.

5 months ago
in life

I woke up this morning feeling pains all over my body, it was severe and I thought to myself that I just had to sleep for sometime and I will get better after sometime.
I opened my eyes again after sometime and I realized the pain was still there, so I said to myself that I might need to get more sleep, so I wrapped myself again and rolled to the other side of the bed.


It was until after I opened my eyes for the third time and I realized that the pain was still there, then I knew I had to get up and stop being lazy.
Sometimes, our body just wants us to sleep and stay lazy but you know that is not in anyway good for the pocket , because if you yield to your body and stay in bed all day, you need to be certain that hunger is going to get the better part of you.

I jumped out of bed immediately and went about my activity for the day, I got better afterwards and I realized that staying in bed all day will not get you a good result at all.
So friend, jump out of bed now and get going because you will get better.

Thanks foe reading, I am @tobi.

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That's good @tobi, you followed a bible verse which say and i qoute; dont give food to lazy man and let the lazy man suffer. this really mean you have challenge yourself not to be a lazy person. that's great.

this is for the lazy one; lazy man wake up, lazy brother wake up, lazy aunty wake up, dont lie down waiting for manners to fall from heaven take your life do better things.


Absolutely correct.

I find that sometimes, keeping myself busy helps to make me forget the little body aches and pains. :-)


I noticed that also.

The pleasure is sometimes to allow yourself to sleep and roll over from side to side, you need to work, but you also need to rest :)))


Yes, that is very important also. Thanks