Hey, I got my groove back.

6 months ago

I have been feeling down and weak for sometime now, I have got my mind clouded with a lot of issues like how I was going to survive, how I was going to scale through the present issues and problems.
I lost my ability to love completely, trust completely and smile completely.


I had allowed people's bad habit and character to control my behaviour, I took up a new habit of showing the same level of love I received forgetting the fact that, I was different and I did not have to think or act like every other person.


When I realized how much of a total stranger I had become to myself, how much of my vibe I had lost, I decided to walk on becoming the real me again.
Just this morning, I realized I did not need any dramatic thing to happen before I smiled, I did not need someone to give me reasons to smile, I was just happy and I sang and played so much.
I was so happy when I noticed that my usual playful, loving and charming self is back and I must confess that I missed her.

Thanks for coming around, do stay awesome. I am @tobi.

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Thanks to like my design my friend

Welcome back!!!! Smile more often, even if it's sad, I see your eyes, you are a strong person, you can !! :)


Thanks a lot.

woa, that is good for you to realise that some part of you is missing.

i hope the real tobi is back for permanent and she is ready to stay longer than ever as life continues.


Yeah.....she is. Thanks for coming around.

I am pleased to hear that you got your groove back. Sometimes we get lost in the crowd trying to please everyone. And it will get so bad that we felt the negative effects so much so that it affects our own well-being. Moments like this, we need to take a break, and re-examine our lives. We need to take control of our lives again. I am glad that you were able to do it. Keep well!


You are very correct @iamvince.

Finally you are happy. And feel happy thinking you are happy in the end.

Glad to know that you've scaled through that negative phase. Welcome back to your usual bubbly self.


Thank you @rickie.

Omo yoruba