Love: Beautiful and Deadly.

7 months ago
in love

True love is beautiful,
True love is amazing,
True love has a deep understanding,
True love is priceless,
True love is dependable,
True love does not hurt,
True love does not lie,
True love produces absolute happiness.

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Love could be the most beautiful thing in the world and it could also be the most bitter thing in the world, these conditions depends on the content of the situation and the hearts involved.
Some people fall in love and their lives become beautiful and meaningful, while others fall in love and they remain in mystery for life.

There is a clear difference between putting your entire heart into something true and good and putting your heart into something horrible.
Go for gold dear friends, take a good look before you commit your heart to love and stay awesome.

Thanks for coming around, I am @tobi.

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@tobi like you have said, it a beautiful thing to fall in love but why falling dont allow your emotion and feeling to run you down. what this mean is that dont be blind to the point that you would allow your partner to hurt you all in the name of love .

love is sweet, beautiful and that and that. i can kill for love and do many things for love, dont allow love to make you act wrongly, because if you do, you would pay dearly for the consequence of your action. that is all i can say for now.

How many words do not speak about love, what a person feels is not transferable, it is like a feeling of flying above the ground :)

Very nice and true! Thank you!

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