Not as Easy as it Seem.

5 months ago

A lot of people want to get wealthy, a lot of people want fame, a lot of people want amazing growth and other things and we want it as fast as we can get it, but the truth is that, it is not always as easy as it seem.
In order to get all that we want in life, it takes more than we imagine.


We get out of high school and we think that everything will fall in place immediately, but sometimes it takes a little but more than what we think or imagine.

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Hard work and consistency is necessary to make life beautiful, it might not be as easy as you think it would be dear friends.
So, irrespective of where you find yourself, irrespective of what you have in mind, always bear in mind that, sometimes it might not be as easy as it seem.

Thanks for coming around, I am @tobi.

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Life is to be lived progressively. Fame and wealth don't come automatically or by magic. You need to build relationships and enough capacity to withstand the pressure of being big.


Well said @tolustx.

The statistics is very interesting - many people who suddenly became rich often lost their money and ended up badly. In each country, there are enough examples for analysis, especially for lotteries with big wins, few of the people who suddenly became rich remained alive and rich. Money is not easy!


That is very correct.

That’s the thing , it’s always about what people want , but they don’t realize the steps it takes to earn it . Not everything can be given to you , you have to work for it .

On the other hand some people are north wealthy and admire other things


Working for the things you need is very important.