Only if you Believe.

5 months ago
in trust

I heard a great news, I saw something better, I saw something less stressful with lots of greats benefits attached to it.
I found peace and I found grace, I received satisfaction from life troubles and I found reasons to smile.

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I increased on every side and I glowed, I spoke with confidence and I leaped for joy at every circumstance.
I was asked for the reason and I could not stop from giving a great smile, I smiled at the convenience at which great fortunes came.
All I had to do was to believe in his amazing grace and in the fact that he was capable to heal me.

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I just trusted him and I put my heart completely into the things he was capable of doing for me, do you believe there is a God? He has the power to save, heal and deliver and all we have to do is to believe in his amazing power and learn to trust him completely.
Trusting him for every life trouble is a beautiful thing, so make sure you do. Stay loved and beautiful, I am @tobi.

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i believe that there is GOD, with that today am witnessing his presence in my life. and i still have hope and aspiration that he would do more for me in this journey of life that am.


That is the spirit brother. Keep trusting him for more exploits

Tobi can we talk?


Alright Sir.