Parents only teach their children what they know, so what will you teach your children?

5 months ago

As I laid quietly on my bed turning from one side of the bed to another, with the hope that I will fall asleep as soon as possible, I heard something from the other side and it caught my attention.
At the other side of the building, there are families who are either uneducated or barely educated. They get married at a very young age and produce children as much as they can, they see this as a means of blessing.
The more children they produce, the more uneducated their clan becomes.


I overheard the young man teaching his child English language and as expected, he was teaching the wrong thing, but that was actually what he knew.
The child however was excited to learn from the father because he felt his father was right.

This is however a call for being careful as parents and also building ourselves to learn more.
Children always believe in whatsoever their parents tell them and they always feel that their parents are small gods to them.

As parents we have to constantly develop ourselves, if not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of the upcoming generation, (that is the children we produce), because whatsoever we teach them either right or wrong is what they will believe and it might take a very long time before the child gets that mentality off his head.

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Children are better than their parents, but each family has its own problems associated with survival, someone is richer, someone is poorer, this affects the upbringing and life of children in the family, worse when parents impose their lifestyle without giving the child a chance to a life. This is a very deep topic that does not have the same recipes, how many people-parents have so many opinions what their children should be.