Should Hardworking People Give to Lazy People?

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There are things that really get me amazed about life, things I really cannot understand.
There is one in particular that has filled my mind for sometime now, and I really want clarifications about the issue.

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There are humans in life who work extra hard, everyone has reasons why they work hard, some work hard in order to eradicate poverty, some work hard in other to live a good life, some work hard in order to keep something for their children, some work hard in order to help others, some people also work hard in order to continue a certain successful chain.
People work hard for several reasons .

There is another set of individuals, these ones will not work, they decide to be lazy.
These individuals are the ones who will claim that they cannot stress themselves, they just want to live a relaxed life.
But, life has taught that in order to live a relaxed and good life, you need money and money will come as a result of work.
Some of these individuals who have decided to become lazy, now depend on those who work hard to live and get a livelihood.

My question is this: Do you feel it is right for those who work hard to continue to give to those who are lazy?
What is the essence of working so hard if at the end of the day, you will have to give it to those who cannot work as hard as you can?

I hope to find answers to my questions here from you and you.
I am @tobi, I love to see you around.

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But if I will be pleased to give, should I look for meaning in someone else's laziness? Each person is egoist and lives with his own emotions, for whom joy is to get doing nothing, for others joy is to give by doing hard work. The question is philosophical and does not have a single answer.

I wouldn't give to a lazy person, especially when I have worked so hard myself. I don't think it is fair. Why should I worked so hard and then have to give to a lazy person. I might as well be lazy and wait for people to give me. No, I am not like that. We all have to work for our butter and bread. No free lunches. :-)


In life there are different situations, giving or not giving is decided every time on the basis of each situation

Regular works can be to hardworkers and technical works to lazy ones. Because according to Bill gates lazy people can find the easiest way to do the work.