The Pains of a Young Entrepreneur.

5 months ago

I must confess that it is really not an easy task to start up a business, it might be interesting and amazing to have people call you CEO, call you boss and other amazing names, but a lot of people have no single idea on the internal battles you have to fight.
Starting your own business means that you will have to put everything you have into it, you will have to sacrifice everything if you want it to succeed.
To an extent, you might want to employ more hands to help you and those you employ might not share in your vision, as a matter of fact, they may try to ruin everything you have tried to build.

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As a young entrepreneur, sacrifice is one thing you might just have to get used to, you might have to go some days without food and other necessary items.
The most frustrating part of the entire situation is when you have no support from anyone especially family.

With the hope and the faith that everything turns out well for a young entrepreneur like me, I have to admit to the fact that, it is not easy at all.

Keep being awesome,enjoy the rest of your day. I am @tobi

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every good story start from a scratch, and the hope of every business man lies in making profit but to be since before the story become sweetened a lot of commitment was involved.

Hello @tobi. We are glad to announce that we are back after few months and we made our first article today.

Life gives a lot of rules for games we play, stakes are high - a high probability of winning and not, but if not hope for the best, then is there a meaning in life? Everything will be OK, hold on @tobi. :)

Indeed. It is not easy being a young entrepreneur at all. Whatever you are starting, good luck and best wishes to you. :-)

This is a cool writing. Being a CEO is one thing that people hope for but it isn't easy being one