The Supreme God of Wonders.

7 months ago

The God of awesome wonders who is supreme,
The creator of the entire universe,
The most beautiful creature,
The one who has made us in his own image and likeness,
He has made us as beautiful as he is,
The priceless king,
The one that never changes,
I call him my father, my saviour and friend,
I have tasted of his glory and goodness,
He is sure and everlasting,
He is yaweh and God forever.
Tell me what you call him and how much you love him.

See you around friends, keep being awesome. I am @tobi.
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GOD is everything in this life, the most powerful, before and after him no one else.


Yes he is God over everything.

Very nicely said!

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Awsome tobi, there is no comparision fatherh, mother and family.


That is not what I am talking about.