There Is A Reward For Every Action We Take.

5 months ago
in life

There is nothing in life without it's own consequence, either we do good or bad, there is always something from anything we do.
The activity of evil and wickedness has the reward of wickedness, while the reward of being good on the other hand brings about beautiful reward.

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There is nothing as beautiful as having a good reward for the good things we do, it might not be easy because we have humans who might just want to frustrate your effort whenever you want to do something good.
But, the truth is that, the good things we do with a sincere heart will always come back to us in beautiful ways.

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Do not be discouraged when it comes to being a good person, keep being good, keep giving when you have the power to and keep showing love as much as you can and watch things fall on place for you.
I am @tobi, stay awesome and beautiful.

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There is always a reward for every deed human being do on this earth. what i would advise people to do is to be good all time, so that good reward can comes towards them in life.

@tobi keep the good work going and remain bless.

Very true. There is always a result to our actions good or bad. Sometimes the result is instantaneous, sometimes, the result come after some time. There is no escape to the consequences of our actions.

A good person will never do good for a reward, otherwise the meaning of the concept of "good" is lost, may God help us in our labors, and the best rewards are our feelings in the Soul when we are satisfied with a perfect deed