Trust and Friendship.

7 months ago
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Today, I saw a clear example of how humans you call friends will never support your dreams and I guess that is because they never want your success achievable.

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You should be careful about those you share your dreams with, because the human mind is filled with anger and jealousy. They are jealous of the fact that you might get better than them or maybe you are already getting started about greatness and that feeling of anger and jealousy may make them look for ways to want to ruin or destroy you.

As a business man or woman, you might even have friends who will never support your business, as a matter of fact, they will go pass your store where you offer a more convenient service, to a place where a poor services is rendered and the reason is because they do not want your growth in anyway, they will rather get a poor service than come to you to get a proper service.

You just have to be wise with every decision you make in life, choose your friends wisely and ensure not to put your complete trust in anyone, always bear in mind that only very few people are actually happy about your success.
So, think well before you completely trust anyone.

Thanks for coming around and have a love - filled weekend. I am @tobi.

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Friends is a rare case, even a gift, those who are called friends in 99% of cases are just people who have any material interest about you, and life is beautiful. which gives us a chance to filter many to select the units you can really rely on

As you say a few people are happy in your success , they are called true friends. They can do everything for you.