Where should be line be drawn when you have to work hard?

7 months ago
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I observed a retail seller in my area who works extremely hard, I have been seeing her for years but I had no idea that she works extremely hard like this.
As a retailer who has her shop filled with all sort of items you want, she is a popular name in the vicinity, most bike riders know the name of the junction as the name of the store.
The store does not have a name, so it is not as if it is branded but people know her by her son's name and that is the name she is called.

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I know that on my way to work in the morning, this woman's shop is always opened and when I close at night, she is there as well.
I had no idea she works more than I thought, until I passed through the same route on a Sunday morning and I found out her shop was opened, then I knew this woman works for extra and extra hours.

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Just when I thought that was the end of the story, I found out that she stays there with her husband and children.
She opens the shop around 06:30 or 07:00am everyday and she closes by 11:00pm at night and this is the routine everyday including Sundays.
I was told she has a washing machine in her house, she washes when she gets home at night or very early in the morning, and takes them to her shop to dry properly.

I was trying to imagine but it was difficult for me I must confess, why would someone decide to live a life like that, why would you stress yourself so much that you have no moment of rest.
But then, on another hand, she might be in some kind of debt she is trying to sort Out.
But the question is, if all these stress and hard work could be equated with the money she makes.
It is indeed questionable, what is your opinion about on the issue?

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not all that gliter is called gold, you saw her as workhallic person, she is doing that to meet her daily need, but to my understanding, only god can crown human effort in this life, no matter how you tried, if god is not on your side. @tobi i dont know what to say. and this made me remember a bible verse which says and i coat: if God does'nt build the house, the labourer are doing it for nothing.

i pray make our own no reach that level.


Amen ooo my brother.

It often surprises - the way of life of other people - getting up early and going to bed late and all this is for the purpose of surviving, giving education and support to your children, each person has their own fate and understanding of life.


Some people for real struggle very hard to survive.

Life is imbalance, i can bet she might money challenge despite all her stress and workaholic life, its the system, the world was created that way. Some wake up to find money, while people like her will sweat blood to make it.


I can bet she will not challenge. Her family requires care and constant cash flow, she does not need any extreme deviations, even thoughts on this subject are not needed.


It is well oooo, I hope life favours us.

Such is life. Some have it easier than others. However, things might not be as simple or complicated as it seems. Maybe she is happy doing what she is doing. Since she has been working so hard all her life, she might not find it hard work any more. Maybe that is all she knows - working, keeping herself busy. It is the only life she knows. Her work gives her purpose, makes her feel useful. If she were to retire, she might feel lost, since she has been working all her life. They say, once you retire, your brain stops working and you die. Some people just enjoy working.

Of course, on the other hand, it could be that she needs to work very hard because she needs the money. In which case, it would be very sad, that she has to work so hard to make a living.


Very true.....