Wickedness Exists amongst Humans.

6 months ago
in life

I smiled as I reflected on how wicked the human mind could be, the fact that you are nice or kind to them, does not mean they will show you love in anyway.
As a matter of fact, the fact that you are a good to a person, does not mean that the world will be good to you.

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I remember hearing stories of how friends try to hurt each other, I remember listening to stories of how humans kill over things they do not love.
Desperate souls are everywhere and only God can save us from them, they come in different forms, shapes and sizes and not even our act of being good can make them act fair towards us.

Keep being awesome friends, thanks for reading. I am @tobi

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It is more important to give your light to the world, sadly to reduce everything to the concept of the market where for our good we wait for good in exchange

Indeed, such is the wickedness of the human mind - scheming and cunning. :-)