Are there parts of us that never stop growing?

11 months ago

So you made it through the formative years, where it was a massive accomplishment just being taller! You were super proud of those moments where the pencil line in the doorway had risen a few centimeters.


For years, I had been taught (I don't remember by who), that there are 2 parts of a persons body that never stops growing. Perhaps you had been taught the same thing/
These body parts are the ears and the nose.

If you look at the aged, generally they do in fact have larger ears and noses than when they were younger or in their prime.
Take a look at some of these pics to see what were talking about:

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I love seeing the changes that happen, and although the anti aging industry is worth millions, I find it a wonderful passage of life.
The circle of life is wonderful and anyone that has read or thought about how it may be like living as an immortal in this world, would realize that it is not too appealing.

I think Dorian Grey and other tales (like the Highlander) highlighting how this may actually be quite a terrible thing to endure, especially as the world carries on as it is now around you.
Quite a few vampire movies have tried to point this out too.....strange thing to use in a discussion, but there you go.

Some points to ponder about:

  • All around you would eventually die. All relationships would be temporary. Why love if the heartache would inevitably come?
  • Forever is a LONG 'time', so the things of this world would just become bland and tasteless. Nothing would satisfy
  • Without wrong, there is not right. Heard of that? Well how would you know excitement without fear? After winning every deal, and every race, or every fight, then what would you have left to feel excited about?
  • Even if you took over the world....then what?
  • What if you were trapped know, like in a tomb....and couldn't die? Or worse in a coffin? Imagine being stuck like that....forever!!
  • Sometimes death is a mercy. I remember my grandfather getting excited to die, so he could be with his wife again, he was ready and excited for the new chapter in his life.

So in fact being immortal in the kind of world and life as we now live, doesn't really appeal to me. In fact even some of the religious beliefs on the afterlife don't appeal to me....who wants to be an angel playing a harp for the rest of eternity?
But, that is a totally different discussion.

Back to the topic. Ears and noses

So if we did live at least a lot longer than we currently do, would our ears and noses continue growing till we look something like dumbo?
In the readers digest Dr. Ryan Neinstein, a plastic surgery practitioner at NYC Surgical Associates and Neinstein Plastic Surgery, explains what makes these two facial features different from the rest of your body. Dr. Neinstein describes how the multiplication of our cells drives the growth of our bodies. “Most cells in our body stopped multiplying at puberty,” Dr. Neinstein told Reader’s Digest. When the cells throughout our bodies, such as bone, muscle, and fat cells, stop duplicating, we stop growing. This doesn’t mean that cells themselves can’t get larger (they can; it’s how we build muscle) or shrink (they can; it’s how we burn fat). But most of them stop dividing, and in most parts of our body, “the number of cells is ‘locked in'” after puberty, says Dr. Neinstein.

However, in the nose and ears, they are made up of cartilage and not bone, and these continue growing even as you age. Not only that, they also lose their elasticity which causes them to droop and stretch, making them seem even more pronounced than before.

I had read that a few places believe that it is just the drooping that causes the size difference, or the loss of muscle mass as people age, however on medical sites, they are quite clear that it is not only those elements, but there is also continued growth in these parts of the body.

Our body has 3 types of cells according to their cell division/regenerative capacity.

  1. Permanent cell: can’t regenerate if damage. e.g. Nerve cells (neuron).
  2. Stable cell/quiescent cell: can regenerate if part of it removed. e.g. The Liver ( largest gland of the body) (skin is the largest organ of the body)
  3. Continuous dividing cell/labile cell: They can divide continuously up to death of one



So there you have it, for the most part your body is locked into what it is...except for those few parts with LABILE cells.

So for all those with larger ears and noses, well done! You've done what many people over time have not been able to do. You've been blessed with more time.

And because this life will end, we will also be able to move onto the next phase of our existence knowing that you've had your good time here.
I for one don't think this life is designed to be a paradise for us...that's what the next phase is for. This is here for us to learn, develop and grow, and that only happens when you're stretched, making choices with consequences and becoming what we really want to become.

Let's not let only our ears and noses be the things that end up growing.

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The other part that keeps growing is the Ego.


LOL! Nah the men I know had theirs tempered rather than grown

Interesting and wonderfully written. Nice presentation!


Thanks my friend. Hope you're well

I wouldn't have guessed it is the nose and ear that do not stop growing. Oh well, now I know. :-)

No, I wouldn't like to live forever. In fact, I have said it many times - I am ready to go, anytime. The points stated above are very valid. It's how I feel too. And no, I am not being morbid about it. :-)


Well that's it....its not meant to be morbid or negative. Its part of our journey, and should be as exciting a prospect as it was for us coming here to prove ourselves

Very interesting post towjam 👌👌


Thank you...keep well

A biological insurance against reproduction in old age :)


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