Tarot Tuesday - Lenormand - 2 the Dreamcatcher

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(Image source: Pixabay)

I'm taking you along with me as I create a new card deck for myself. I will create it with an American Indian theme as I did once before. What is Lenormand? - check out my previous article.

Card 2 - the Dreamcatcher

This is where artistic license comes into play.
The original card for #2 is actually the Clover, but this is not a significant item in American Indian culture, so I thought about the meaning of the card and finally decided that the Dreamcatcher was the closest I could come to in symbolism.

When we think of the clover, we tend to think in terms of:

  • luck
  • hope
  • optimism
  • gambling

As it evolves into the dreamcatcher, I'm thinking in terms of:

  • bad dreams leaving
  • good things staying
  • luck and good fortune
  • happiness
    (Not so much in the sense of gambling now.)

In a reading the dreamcatcher will add these messages to another card - if combined with a tipi, I'd be looking at a happy or lucky home. A place of happiness and good rest.

For more information on what this card means, check out Lenormand1's interpretation - for combining the Rider with any other card, check out the site: Learn Lenormand.

For my new card, I hit Google Images search, looking for something with CC0 (Creative Commons 0) licensing meaning that I don't always have to remember to credit someone - essential if I were to start doing paid readings with these cards.

I also had to find out which traditional playing card is associated with this card. So, here is my result:

(Image Source: Pixabay)

Note: Readings are entertainment only (legally). You are in charge of your own destiny.

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Very cool twist, to create your own deck! Kudos! We have another member of #powerhousecreatives that does readings as well: @traciyork (but you may already know her since you use the #tarottuesday tag)!


Thanks. Yes, I've found (or was found by) Traci. We chat a bit here and there. I originally decided to design my own because I couldn't afford to buy a deck. I found that it worked so well for me that I haven't even considered buying since.

But if I'm going to present readings, I also have to be able to present sources and not all my images the first time around were CC0, so this time they are.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Thank you!