Smartphonephotography |📷| Moths And Flowers

2 months ago

Hello lovers photography !
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On this occasion I just wanted to present 1 photography from a small animal, the brown moth. See and enjoy the beauty of these little moths that stand on wild flower petals. Hope you like it.


Details of the photo :

▪Title 20190117_051215-03.jpg
▪Samsung SM-N950F
▪Size: 2,30 MB | Resolution 4032x3024
▪Aperture F1,7 | 4.30 mm focal length
▪Flash without flash | Automatic white balance
▪ISO 40 | Lighting time 1/184 s

Thank you for those of you who have visited my blog or post. Hopefully you will always be interested in the results of photography or macro photography that I present here.


Camera and Lens :

Camera : Samsung SM-N950F / F1,7 /4,30mm
Lens : Prosumer 4,5mm

Location :

JL. Railroads. Meunasah Aron, Muara Batu, North Aceh District, Aceh, Indonesia.

Photo by @wandairawan

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