[Announcement] 2nd Batch of Moderators

2 years ago


The team has reviewed all applicants by looking at their postings and wallet histories. We are looking for people with passion, energy and a good reputation. There are many qualified applicants. We had to balance with geography (country) and primary language to maximize the coverage or different time zones and languages. We have also asked the existing moderator team to vet the list. A special thanks to the team. Here is the list of our 2nd batch of moderators:


Congratulations to all new moderators!

Best Regards,

WeKu Team

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Congratulations to all selected moderators especially @rifkan and @tornadoman ..... I am so happy for you guys and i trust you can do well.
More grace and much love!! I 💝

Congratulation All New Moderators


Thanks lotus

Congrats to new mods! Give your best, continue your hard work and efforts.

Congrats to the new mods :D

Congrats to new moderators

100% Upvoted moderators if u use one of the tag on weku


Thank you @weku-official for giving me this critical responsibility. I will try to perform my duties as a moderator for the betterment of weku.


Congratulation for all moderator.

Congratulations! all of the new Moderators from WekuBangladesh community

wbd comment --1.png

We will work together for the community, Thank you for your trust ☀️

Hi @weku-official

One of your moderators, @delwar, is holding my post hostage unless I apologise for calling him out. He told me on discord that he "felt humiliated" for being called out for not being able to think for himself, and so changed his "small downvote" to a probably 100% one.

I refuse to apologise since I did nothing wrong... in fact I was tempted to require HIM to apologise publicly to ME.

I tried resolving it on discord, but he doesn't seem to be interested/capable.

This is the post in question:

A screenshot of him admitting that the picture has been used 100s of times elsewhere already (supporting my claim, AND CITATION, that it is a stock photo).

Is this what Weku is going to be about? Pussy-footing around the official team in case we hurt their feelings when they do stupid things?


Hello Braaiboy,

We saw you complaint at the moderator discord and it has been answered by @siamcat, Weku lead moderator. If you have anything, please contact her and she can help you.

Your complaint is welcome but the disrespecting language , should not be used in this case.

Thank you!


For crying out loud!
I'm getting a little tired of this now. It was funny when there was just the one incompetent mod, being @delwar, but now you too @taifkhan??? Do you have ANY clue what pussy-footing is? Try googling it... Nothing PG-rated in its use. sigh!

@siamcat, could you please reign in your mods and make sure they don't try adding their 5 cents where it doesn't belong... it's making your whole group look like amateurs.

@weku-official i wanna explain some ideas about betterment of weku if you provide me the weku official discord server invitation link we can talk there
I am waiting for your response thanks